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Thread: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

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    Default DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

    Hey everyone. Hope this is the right forum to ask this in, I've never ventured outside the game specific boards before.
    Yesterday I bought a number of new games which I was really looking forward to trying. But for some reason my DVD drive will no longer read DVDs. It reads CDs just fine and weirdly some older DVD games I have still work but newer ones like Med 2 Kingdoms, Assassins Creed, Fallout 3 etc just will not work.
    Obviously this implies that something needs updating but everything already is. Windows is up to date and I got the latest firmware for my drive. Still no success.
    I've had this problem before and I can't remember how I resolved it, back then I tried simply getting a new drive but it did the exact same thing.
    I'm 90% sure the drive itself is fine and that there is some software issue at play here. I'd be really grateful if anyone could help.
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    Talking Re: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

    Heh, sort of the same here. My desktop CD/DVD drive will read all CDs/DVDs that have data on them, but it will not read the blank 700 MB CDs. It reads all 4.7 GB blank DVDs but it is almost impossible to find a blank CD it will recognise in the drive. It simply acts as if nothing is there. It will also refuse to write anything period. However, I have not done anything to remedy this since I use my newer laptop to do all the writing. My desktop drive probably had the laser go on the fritz, and the only thing I can do is replace it.

    This belongs in the in the Tech forum, but honestly, few people frequent it. Perhaps it is best for it to stay here. In any case, Googling any tech problem is better, as it will lead you to purely tech forums where one can find out much either by reading past posts or making new ones with questions.
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    Default Re: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

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    Default Re: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

    Well, to help you out instead of making another thread. Its because your optic reader in the drive is starting to die, or atleast is knocked out of place. For some reason that I have no idea why, drives will do this. I do believe you can delete a registry file to help it last a bit longer but I recomend getting a new drive.
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    Default Re: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

    Reads older games, but not newer games. Possible SecuRom 7 issue?
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    Default Re: DVD Drive Not Reading DVDs Please Help

    Prehaps it is because they are dual layer DVD discs, I have an old laptop and the DVD drive makes a hell of a noise when I play a dual layer movie in it, and it wont read my ETW disc(not that the computer could play it anyway, I was just doing it to test my dual layer theory)

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