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Thread: Ronin-strange occurrences

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    After taking Aki as ronin and setting production for 60 YS,whenever a unit appeared in Hiroshima Castle two announcements would appear. The first said that I was besieged by rebels and that the castle was about to fall and the second said that I was besieging rebels and the castle was about to fall. Both announced that so many men had been lost and so many remained.Sometimes 5 had been lost and sometimes as many as 20. The upshot was that over the 15 years or so until I finally won I never received a full compliment of YS from Aki.Everywhere else was OK.

    A band of monks and archers,originally 120 strong,held out in Dewa for about 10 years.The archers' mon for two years was a black saltire. Then the colour changed to red.The new black for 1538 was blue, with green being the in colour for 1542.Eventually Takeda got fed up with the fashion parade,saw red and put a rather violent end to it in 1544.
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    that sounds meeeega strange, re-install the game or something, worked for me when everything went all dodgy

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by evilc:
    long ago, men spoke rearly, lest their deeds did not match their words.

    You mean they only passed wind occasionally
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