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Thread: Can't play MTW anymore

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    Default Can't play MTW anymore

    Ok I got a PNY Verto 8400 PCI graphics card. One of the reasons I bought this card was so I could play MTW on my TV which was impossible with the on board video card. This is because when I got into battle the screen would rotate 90 degrees and if I disabled rotation the game would crash.

    So I go out and buy this video card thinking it would solve my problem along with making Rome a little more playable on my ancient computer. And now I really wish I'd done my homework first.

    Well it makes Rome a little better though its still slow but now Medieval is just unplayable. I tried reading up on similar problems others are having with the Nvidia 8xxx series but here's the thing the game's not crashing. I can play the campaign part although it looks horrible with little lines and flickering all over the screen and the battle screen even comes up right side up on the TV but it also has little lines all over the place and the units flicker on and off the screen from time to time. And I just don't know where to look for help.

    I have the Total War Eras package and I'd really like to be able to play all 3 games. Could anyone kindly recommend a setup that would let me play all 3 and make it look decent? I'd really appreciate any help from guys.

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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    I've got an ATI radeon HD 2600 graphics card, and its been able to play MTW, RTW, and M2TW. Rome and M2 were run on pretty decent settting. MTW runs like gold. I don't know how it would work in terms of displaying games on a tv, though. Never tried it.
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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    You won't be able to run STW/MTW on an 8xxx series graphics card. There are several threads full of this problem in the apothecary forum.

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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    Hey thanks for the replies. I'm gonna try an ATI Card and see how it goes

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    Does anyone know if a nV 7950 GX2 is old enough to avoid the 8 and 9 series issues, and which driver set I'd have to use to get around any other nVIDIA problems that might pop up? I'm asking because I don't actually have the card yet, but a friend will give me his when he gets his new card.

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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    well my old rig was using a 7500gs or something and mtw worked fine ... using a late 8x series card now and it will not work at all which is complete bs

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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    I know, man. Imagine how pissed I was when I installed my new 8800 and then tried to get a game of MTW going. Thanks for the reply, that does give me some hope .

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    Default Re: Can't play MTW anymore

    While I'm not sure which drivers you'd need, I do believe an Nvidia 7950 would allow you to run MTW. It's the 8000-9000 series that cause problems; anything older than that should be fine, however.
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