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Thread: Changing Primary Traits?

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    Default Changing Primary Traits?

    Today I felt like tinkering around with the cheats just for the heck of it and see what comes of it.

    For example I tried entering into the console,

    give_trait "Mher ofarmenia" "Selflessness" "4" or give_trait "Mher ofarmenia" "NaturalIntelligence" "6"

    The commands went through fine, with no error but there was no visible difference in personality and didn't seem to change anything... (The character remained dull and selfish)

    So I was wondering if/how you can change a characters primary traits on EB?

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    Default Re: Changing Primary Traits?

    You changed the underlying traits, but not their display. Those two are composite traits created based on the values of the primary traits.

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