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Thread: play the waiting game?

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    Default play the waiting game?

    Ahoy threre --

    about a month ago I was made redundant - and with much more spare time I decided to start a new campaign.

    I decided to go with Pontos - for a number of reasons - and after a slooooooow start this faction started to great traits.

    BUT THEN DISASTER!!!! A virus caused havoc on my computer and I have had to re-format it. Unfortuantly I did not manage to get a screenshot of my empire - which was inspired by the persian empire of darius the great - which stretched from cyrene to patala and all the territory in between -

    I used a new tactic - Pillaging the carthagianian empire ( which had foolishly attacked me ) - by conquering most of their cities ( exluding the algerian and morrocan ones ) and destroying ALL of their buidlings - including wonders ( for which the city of carthage is a gold mine! ) and then simply buggering off and leaving them to take their cities back. hehehehehee

    I'm unsure whether to strart playing again - continuing this game - OR starting a new one - OR wating for E.B II -- BUT i dont know how long away this is.....

    any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    Default Re: play the waiting game?

    Perhaps you could continue the game(if possible) or start a new one to wait for EB II?
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    Default Re: play the waiting game?

    my good man do you know how long we must wait for E.B II ?


    I am wondering if anyone could use my savegame which I have - to take a couple of screenshots for me?
    Even if this is actually possible - I cant imagine that too many people would be bothered to do this for someone else - BUT if anyone would like to help out that would be greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!!!
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    Default Re: play the waiting game?

    There is no official announcement that suggests a public release of EBII any time soon.
    Continue with your game, that's my recommendation. It sounds like you've been having a great one.

    Yes, save game files are shareable.

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    Default Re: play the waiting game?

    Use this page to upload your save game onto this thread. You need to convert your save file to a .rar file to upload it. Then simply 'Copy link location' and paste here.

    And no, EB II is unlikely to be out anywhere near our current present. (Does that make sense?)
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    Default Re: play the waiting game?

    If you do upload and share, make sure you list whatever mini-mods you are using.


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