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    Hello everybody,I got a question
    I started modding,if I can call it that way.Currently,I'm just messing with the unit stats and adding officers to the troops,because,well,I'm to lazy to make new models
    My biggest success so far was to replace the early legionary cohort's original model with the one of the Principes because the Principes look is more realistic for the time.But I can't find the unit cards.I've read that the folder which contains them is named UI and is located in the DATA folder of Rome Total War.Well,it isn't! I can't find the unit cards anywhere.At least for vannila RTW.I also have BI installed,and I can find the UI folder(for the BI units,sadly not the vanilla ones) nicely tucked away in the BI Data folder.Help me

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    Some files in RTW are packed away in .pak files, which need to be extracted in order for the actual files to be accessible. You can do this with Vercingetorix's .pak extractor tool, which also has a read-me included.

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    Thanks,but I doubt I can use it without understanding it.The readme didn't help me much :(
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    see if this helps

    (though to be honest I found the read-me easier )
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    Thanks! That link was much more helpful than the readme file.Now I got ambitions for real modding!


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