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    I am on chapter 3 of that of RTI and it is very disappointing from a historical view point. After you fight Bunker Hill you start with Boston. It didn't seem to matter whether you win or loose... George Washington is the only general ... Was he even at Bunker Hill?

    But you get the founding fathers as your ministers ... What morons! The only one with half a brain is John Adams and only if you make him treasurer. Franklin is the worst of the lot, no wonder he gets shipped to France as an ambassador the man will wreck any position you put him in.

    The fleet position is mostly a joke at first since your best ally against the British fleet is Pirates. I went out and defeated British ships before my small squadron was destroyed by pirates. I didn't mind because after killing my ships off they destroyed the rest of the British navy.

    Now I attacked north right away to secure Main before taking Philadelphia and Albany. Now I have 5 colonies but since I have swept the Brits so fast the French are no longer friendly -36 to every nation from expansion penalties.

    The Brits have allied with the Cherokee and there is a Cherokee army walking through Maryland. The Indian nations are all on the verge of declaring war on me but I am in a great position to sweep the brits off the east coast.

    I am starting to think that the southern states are a big headache with little pay out. Damn the victory conditions. Take Montréal and Québec that is something worth going to war with the Indians for.

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3

    I conquered all the provinces on chapter 3, just because I could.
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    You should've asked for alliances with the French, Iroquois and Cherokee early on, after winning your first province maybe. The French can be a help with the British Navy, and an alliance will keep the Indians from attacking you for a while at least.

    I agree RTI Episode 3 was kind of disappointing historically. I can accept Washington being in Massachusetts (he's not the commander in the game in Bunker Hill, I don't think), because after Bunker Hill, Washington commanded the siege of Boston. But the game says the Brits evacuate Boston because of casualties at Bunker Hill (win or lose), not because Washington had Henry Knox bring the guns of Ticonderoga down. And then after evacuating Boston, Howe is in Maine instead of New York. Ugh. Washington would've much rather faced him in Maine in real life rather than defending an island city from amphibious assault by the world's greatest navy.

    Plus the Brits should not start with large amounts of troops up and down the East Coast, and at the same time it should be much harder for Continentals to beat Brits in open pitched battles. You should be forced to use guerrilla tactics more. And, of course, the French never land any troops to help you as in real life, since the AI doesn't transport troops by sea.

    Not everything has to be the same as it was historically, but they could've done more. These are little things that CA could've gotten right with no additional effort that would've made the campaign so much more immersive.
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    What irked me a bit was when, after wiping out all those annoying natives (whom I totally destroy but is so boring fighting against), I win chapter 3, then game jumps back to main menu and I have to fight them all over again in Chapter 4.

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3

    Yes that was confusing at the end of 3 and the cut screen. I hit continue and am playing the last turn. It took me a bit to figure that I had to get to the main screen for Chp 4.

    However, starting off on 4 and having to fight for areas all over again was annoying.


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