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Thread: Questions and Observations on Hayasdan, Pahlava, and Swêboz

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    Default Questions and Observations on Hayasdan, Pahlava, and Swêboz

    I am currently playing several hugely enjoyable campaigns and the ones with these three factions are among the best. However, I noticed some strange things:


    - When I got the Bodyguard Reform, all my client rulers got spiffy Hye Zoravar, too Even the Hellenistic guy (who had had Lonchophoroi Hippeis before). The only "problem" I have with this though is that their bodyguard size is now severely reduced.

    - I'm using a bribed Makedonian (actually, Thessalian) FM by the name of Xenneas Thebaios to annihilate the Ptolemaioi. Now every time he conquers an important city he gets a message saying "Periegesis (?) [bla]". Is that a leftover of his Makedonian past or does Hayasdan get messages like these too?


    - The reform government description says something about the Pahlava reforms being based on former Hellenic or Achaemenid structures/institutions. Why then can't the reforms be implemented in Baktria, which has been under Hellen(ist)ic rule before?

    - What would a realistic cavalry fullstack for Pahlava look like? I want to include reformed bodyguards and Grivpanvar as well as some other cataphracts, but I'm not sure if that isn't too much armour for a "historically correct" army. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    I've noticed that Mrog Arctagone (the Chatti province) has maximum (50) basic unrest. Now I do know that the Chatti were a troublesome people (their descendants still are), but why has this province a higher unrest level than practically all others I've come across in my campaigns? Wouldn't the inhabitants be more content under Swêboz rule than, say, under the Romaioi? After all, the Swêboz culture is closely related to the Chatti culture (as shown by the Homeland marker). Or is it?

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    Default Re: Questions and Observations on Hayasdan, Pahlava, and Swêboz

    About the Pahlavan army, in my mind it should be something like 8 basic HA's (bow and sword), two javelin and axe horsemen, four "riders" or the like (bow and lance), and the last six dedicated to heavier components, like bodyguards, nobles and cataphracts.
    Alternate solution: one general and 19 basic HA's. Does wonders too.
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