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Thread: Questions about homeland government...

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    Question Questions about homeland government...

    For some time, when I play any EB campaign, I usually destroy any gov types, and replace that with my own for RP purpose... However, the game becomes weird when I try to give KH homeland gov type 1 (Spartan agoge klerouchy) with the ability to train Spartan hoplites (add them in EDB.... Because of wrong click, I repair Karthadast homeland gov, and I can train spartan Hoplites too... I try to look about the buildings, and I could build anything in gov 1 type in an area that's not my historical homeland... Is this an unfortunate exploit, or unintended bug? Or it was intended anyway?

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    It's sort of an exploit...
    The government buildings in EB are technically limited to what the vanilla program can technically simulate; so it is due to an engine limit that, regarding construction options, a type 1 government is a type 1 government, no matter who built it... So because the script can't (or doesn't) destroy existing government buildings when a settlement is conquered, they will still be there when the player gains control of the settlement.
    For AI, a government building automatically "spawns" when the settlement is taken. Note Levant and southern Anatolia when invading as any western faction - usually there are two damaged government buildings present: An AS gov't and a Ptolemaioi gov't. This is because AS and Ptolemaioi fought their wars there and each owned the cities for some time during the power struggle (so they spawned a government building of some sort) and the AI doesn't tear down buildings. You could then just leave them as they are and proceed to build any factional MIC as high as permitted by any of the damaged government levels.

    The intended procedure after conquest is to tear down all gov't buildings present and start over by building military occupation.

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