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    hi chaps, excuse the lack of proof as I am posting from my phone. Anyway, I promoted a captain of a captured French ship called "dunube" and I now have villeneauve working in the med fleet, not far from his old foe nelson! So anyway, it appears you can get historical admirals from captured ships..

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    It's just one of the names in the name database for French ships. I once got a admiral named Brasiliano from a captured pirate vessel.

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    I build a couple of second rates as GB and one had the name of a French built British prize!

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    I find it odd that the ship has it's name changed when you capture an enemy vessel but seemingly the captain stays in charge.

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    Ships change names when you capture them?

    Thats a bit unlucky.....I captured a Pirate 5th Rate called 'Sultana' in my Dutch campaign and kept the same name, she is now the flagship of my channel squadron.
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