Exilian, as some of you perhaps know, is a modding site for several games including Empire Total War, for which we host several mods. However, we are overstretched for staff and have thus decised to externally advertise the position of Empire; Total War Administrator. This will hopefully be a good task where you can really help build part of an excellent gaming site, but still with quite a lot of autonomy.

Forum Link;

The Admin for ETW will need to;
- Actively recruit developing and/or released mods and modders for the site
- Try and start a workable tutorials and workshop section for ETW
- Help kick-start a community of ETW players as well as modders, for discussing the game.
- Have responsiblity for representing Exilian on other ETW sites, such as the Guild, TWC, Modrealms, and TWH
- Improve coverage and recources for ETW modding and gaming across the site.

You will need to put at least 1hr a week into this I would think. You will need to be able to work efficiently and independently, and a knowledge of modding would be useful but is not a requirement. Contributing to the site yourself, and being an active and effective member, is also very much part of the job - the more you can do, the more other people have to build on.

All applicants please;
a) Get an Exilian account
b) Post here with your credentials, why you would like the post, and so on.

Don't write joke applications please, and only sign up if you are willing to commit yourself to the job for at least the next 2-3 months.

The applicants will be chosen by a vote of the citizen-class (more contributing/active) members of Exilian. There will be 1 weeks for applications, and then a 1 week vote, after which the successful candidate will be able to start the job.

Many thanks,

The Exilian Staff