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Thread: Modern Total Wars?

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    Angry Modern Total Wars?

    I've allways considered the possibility of a Total War series set in the modern era, perhaps during the late 19th - early 20th century. I've assessed the varios problems and oppourtunities behind it, and I'd like to hear your ideas. Not that I'm any good at modding. I just want to know your thoughts.


    • The World Wars
    • New technologies, like machine gunners and bombings
    • Stronger alliances
    • The Russian Superpower
    • Possibly a Global map
    • Instead of "Rebels" there could be forces to represent Terrorists or Anarchists.


    • Different types of diplomacy
    • Peace! Argh!
    • A global map -too far?
    • How would we incorporate air battles?

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Modern Total Wars?

    I would say no. Squad-based mechanics would require something completely different from the TW engine, and CA would be better off marketing it as a new game entirely.
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    Default Re: Modern Total Wars?

    How would you split the turns? 1 turn per day or week?
    The sizes of the battlefield may cause problems with inclusion of heavy artillery and indirect fire.

    I honestly don't think the engine would be suitable for post 1870 wars.
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    Default Re: Modern Total Wars?

    As was previously stated the squad based war just does not suit the current style of the Total War franchise at the moment. If you have noticed the games have progressed in a somewhat chronological order (well the new one does at least) so who knows what the CA has up its sleeve. The pure concept of fighting a post Napoleonic style war would simply be too strange with a Total War engine, as that engine is based on large formations and modern warfare is more asymmetrical after the decline of the Napoleonic Era. Nevertheless, keep thinking you never know when some idea may bear fruit.


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