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    Hello all.
    I was wondering how multi player works, specifically with my playing style. Are the battles real time? I've only ever played single player, and one of the reasons I like TW is that I can pause the battle and analyze/adjust. A large battle will typically take over an hour for me. A whole campaign can take weeks/months. I imagine this could be irritating to other players if they like the game to clip along.
    Whats the reality of playing multi player?

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    Default Re: Multi player question

    Hello jonny and welcome to the .org.

    A quick answer to your question on Multi Player......

    Yes it is real time.
    You get to link up with players from all parts of the world.

    You control your army and need to take into consideration and counter what the opposition do.
    You make your adjustments as you play.
    You also need to watch and help your allies and they you.

    The games are normaly 1v1..2v2..3v3..4v4.
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    games proceed at normal time.. but they have added a feature to pause the game when all parties agree..

    i think the chances of you finding people to play with who will agree to multiple pauses are slim but possible. perhaps if you have a friend you could both have a set limit... like a basketball team calls a timeout.

    average 1v1's take 5-15 minutes.. larger battles will last longer

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    Default Re: Multi player question

    Jonny, the real time aspect is the essence of multiplayer.

    That is what brings the battle to life.

    Playing a few practice battles in real time is probably a good idea.

    (Multiplayer/Total War Online/Battle List/Practice)

    Then look up any of the above players up on Steam, and I am sure they will be willing to work with you to get you started
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