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Thread: Reform requirements for the AI

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    Default Reform requirements for the AI

    Greetings all EB fans!

    I have been thinking a little lately on how to moniter the development of my enenies in the campaign map besides turning of the Fog of War. - I couldn't hink up anything special but I remembered that for some reforms the AI has much easier requirements to forfill than the human player.

    I was wondering if anyone could knew what the exact requirements are for tha AI to achieve some reforms? I thought this could be usefull to help the AI get along or to keep him from the reforms if you wish during the camaign. So does anyone know this? Or is it Top Secret EB material?
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    Default Re: Reform requirements for the AI

    If you have seas of free time, then you can always check the EBBS script.

    Quote Originally Posted by Equilibrius
    Oh my god, i think that is the first time in human history that someone cares to explain an acronym that people expect everybody to know in advance.
    I lived for three years not knowing what AAR is.

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