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    In your view which is the best book about ancient history? I love does about Roman ones mostly but even Carthagenian and Hellenistic. Any would do really. And love ones which have a lot of Battle maps in. Any recommandations? And short description of the content please.

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    If you want everything in one place, there's Cambridge Ancient History. The amount of the material is huge, but you can decide what interests you the most. EB time frame takes 5 volumes there 7.1, 7.2, 8, 9, 10.

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    for Roman history, Thomas Africa's "The Immense Majesty" explains things quite nicely and is rather witty to boot. Very good read. -M
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    The Europa Barbarorum Bibliography has a large list of books vouched for by devoted forumites and pedantic enthusiasts alike since 2006.

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    I would only be mainly interested on the Roman side and mainly from around 300bc till the death of Augustus. Which Cambridge Ancient History, Volume should i pick??


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    I think it would be 7.2-10.


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