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Thread: Empire totalwar and running it

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    Default Empire totalwar and running it

    Could you guys please take the time to list what hardware you are playing etw on and if its on low medium or high detail and how it runs?

    Gfx Card:?

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    Default Re: Empire totalwar and running it

    CPU = dual quad core Intel Xeon 2.5GHz
    Mem = 4GB
    Graphics: Quadro FX 4600*

    And performance is... disappointing. I run everything on ultra and all effects apart from depth of field switched on, and battles run at a steadyish 17 fps with full stacks, and the campaign map at a rock solid 12. To be honest, this frame rate is on the low side but the game is perfectly playable and still looks lovely. I think the problem is the programme only uses one out of the 8 cores. One of them runs at just about 100% and the other 7 sit idle. Which is annoying... On the other hand AI turns don't take as long as some others' I've read about, and I only ever get ctds from automerging units. No memory leaks or anything...

    * very powerful gfx card with 768Mb, but it's designed for CAD and 3d modelling, not gaming
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    Default Re: Empire totalwar and running it

    in my case: a quad-core
    8 GB RAM (I know, it's an overkill)
    2 512 MB Radeon video cards crossfired

    The game runs very smooth for me (I have not seen ANY frame-rate drops) on all ultra settings with exception of unit size which I keep at Huge rather than Ultra. I just find the Ultra-sized units quite unwieldy.
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    Default Re: Empire totalwar and running it

    Antec 900
    Corsair 750w
    Evga 750i
    e8400 stable 3.6 @1.216v 33c idle 45c load
    zalman 9500
    ozc1066 1x2 running 1:1 with 4-4-4-12 @1.8v
    Evga 9600GT (n860)

    running game at 1600x1050 in XP

    i stayed with the auto detected settings... everything is on high.. i can run in 2x speed with no lag.... when i go to 4x speed it gets a little choppy..


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