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    Hey there!
    This is my first attempt at an AAR and I know its another Romani one -Again but I've just gotten back into EB and thought I'd give it a bash.
    This is just a small one to get me going so hopefully it'll all go well and I'll be able to make some more.

    My historical accuracy may not be up to scratch as many other beautiful AAR's are but I'm going to try my best.
    So anyway, I'll get the point across. The story will open up with Marcvs Cicero and his long time friend Qvintvs Sextvs joining the 3rd Legion under one of Roma's veteran generals - Lvcivs Cornelivs Scipio.

    Anyway, on with the show

    Rome herself has never looked so beautiful. The sky was crystal blue and the sun was shining bright. Clearly Jvpiter had his eyes upon us this day of all days.
    This was to be the most glorius day of my life.

    About 4 months ago news had reached the streets that the 3rd Legion, under Rome's greatest hero Lvcivs Cornelivs Scipio, was returning to Rome.
    Their 16 year campaign of securing the whole of Italia was coming to an end. As their final act of duty the pushed the Carthaginians out of Sicily and took Lilibeo from their unpure hands. This would hopefully allow us to assault the whole of Sicily.

    Today was the day that new recruits could be enlisted to form the new 3rd Legion and I was more than ready. Sadly my luck had run out in Rome.
    When I was young I remember my father leaving with the 2nd Legion to the coast of the Epeiros. He was not to return from that voyage. I was told by my uncle that he was slain assaulting the beaches. I was far too young to understand let alone cry.

    Struggling for money, my mother remarried a drunken brute of man who spent his wages not on food, but on the fine roman ale.
    By my 16th birthday I could no longer live at home with this man. He would return home to take his drunken anger out on my mother and myself.
    Finally drawing up some courage to strike him back, I was kicked out, and never to return to see my Mother or my younger sister again. I would though, he can count on it.

    My day dreaming out of my window was interrupted by several loud bangs at the door. Upon opening I was embraced by a brotherly hug.
    "Qvintvs! You dog! I didn't think you would be back on time!" I said with a smile on my face.
    "Ah, you know me, brother. And I've brought a small present for you too!"
    He stepped aside and behind him were two worn scutums, 2 gladius' and two rusted helmets all bound in a pack.

    "How the... how much did that cost you?!"
    I was in shock. Qvintvs' block of flats was razed to the ground by arsonists a month ago meaning he had little or no money.
    "Never you mind that, brother. I doubt we'll be let into a principe maniple but atleast we wont be forced into Leve's with the other scum of Rome's underbelly" He replied.
    With not a second to lose I locked my door for the last time. We both ran through the maze of streets and swam through the forests of citizens all the way to our nearests recruitment center.
    It was packed full of men young and old alike. The sense of excitement in the air was incredible.
    This was the start of my life.

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    Default Re: Sins of Our Fathers - AAR

    Good stuff!
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    Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings
    A few months had passed since I had a thought to myself.
    I was incredibly lucky to have Qvintvs in my unit, we would watch over eachother as though we really were brothers. And rightly so.

    Training was tough, incredibly tough.
    Everytime my aching muscles and numerous bruises were beginning to heal we were drilled, again and again and again.
    For countless hours my maniple was trained with the gladius and pilum. I remember thrusting at that damn stabbing post from sunrise to sundown. I cant tell you that the feeling of my veins pumping fire as I became more exhausted wasn't the most glorious of all.

    This was all good reason though, we had to be ready for General Scipio. He had been in Rome for weeks and I was dying to get a glimpse of him, as we all were.

    This man was a political animal. Rumours went around the barracks that we were to travel to Scicily to fight the Syrakousioi in the south of the island. Apparantly the Lvcivs' 16 year old son Marcvs was campaigning with him to learn the art of war and that he was captured by Syrakousioi while the legion was repulsed from the walls of the city.
    Rumour has it that his son was thrown from the city walls as General Lvcivs watched. With his numbers dwindling and their 16 year service coming to an end he had to retreat.

    Spring 251BC

    Training was completed eventually. All of us had benifited from the constant bite of the centurions optio and the never ending drills. We felt ready although I fear training has had its toll on Qvintvs, he hasn't spoken much lately and hes had trouble sleeping. I'm worried about him.

    The news had finally come that we were indeed to travel south. Lvcivs had obviously convinced the senate that this was a better idea than sending us East to the Greek lands. Apparantly trouble has been brewing and one of the allied states has allied with the Makedonians.

    We've landed on the east coast of sicily just north of the city of Syrakousai. This truly is a beautiful place. It will look even better under Roman Rule.

    The legions scouts that had been dispatched as we all disembarked reported that an army from the city had moved out and would not be able to reach us in time if we begun the seige straight away.
    We formed as quickly as possible and marched towards the city. It wasn't too far off in the distance.

    Autumn 251BC
    We had surrounded the city efficiently and the seige towers would be complete in a few hours.

    I had seen a terrible sight earlier this day. Some men from a principe maniple were savagely beating a local farmer with sticks. Qvintvs and I had attempted to intervene.
    "Where's your centurion, coward!?" I had shouted at them.
    On of the larger soldiers stopped hitting the man and began to walk towards me and Qvintvs.
    "I am the centurion, scum!" He spat as he struck Qvitvs across the face.
    We both walked back to the encampment in silence after I apologised to Qvintvs.

    The time had come for the assault to begin. Some men from the other Hastati maniple were skilled miners and had managed to collapse a section of the wall. My maniple was dutied with manning the first Seige tower. I was determined to make Rome proud as was Qvintvs.

    With the horns sounded our centurion ordered our advance.
    To my right I saw the levve's running towards the hole in the wall to harass the troops defending it. I could feel a lump in my throat and I was unsure whether it was excitement or fear.
    Qvintvs then turned to me. "I'll watch your back brother... just as long as you kiss my backside later!"
    We both laughed to ourselves.
    "Shut your face, boy!" The centurion shouted, but we couldnt help but snigger more as we marched on.

    Nothing would prepare us for what was to come. When the seige tower opened we all ran onto the walls, gladius at the ready... only to find it abandoned.
    We all looked around confused.
    "Stead fast boys..." The centurion muttered peering from left to right.
    But then it came like a flash flood. Town gaurd had burst out of one of the towers and began to run straight for us. The sun shining off their shields made it difficult for me to see them.
    "Shields!! On me!!" the Centurion roared as we turned to face them.

    I began breathing heavily. I felt unsure of what to do, but then training kicked in. I locked my sheild infront of me and stood heavy side by side with Qvintvs.
    The clash was horrible. I ducked under my scutum as a hasta has come flying to were my head was.
    Moving my scutum to the left I thrust my gladius straight through the mans chest, showering my face in blood.
    I repositioned my self for the next foe. To my left Qvintvus had his gladius through the neck of one of the gaurds, it went in and came out of his flesh like butter.

    A few hours on and we were still in a struggle with these men. They were not new to war and knew what they were doing. I was becoming tired of constantly thrusting my gladius while dodging their overhead hasta's. My shield was doing well to preserve my life, I feel as though I owe this to Qvintvs for giving it to me.

    The Centurion blew his wistle which was our order to filter. The man behind me pushed past to take up the front gaurd as me and the front rank filtered back through the maniple to the rear. This was genius and meant that we always had a fresh front to face the enemy.

    We had recycled front and rear ranks a few times now and we were all becoming disheartened and exhausted. I didnt know how long we could fight these men for. But what troubled me most is that we had nowhere to withdraw by more wall.

    Thats when I know Jvpiter was watching over me.
    The principes had pushed through the hole in the wall and had fought their way through the gaurd tower to releive us. The charged at the guards pinning them between us.
    With a mighty roar from all of us we pushed on, crushing the enemy between us.

    I had never thought we had it in us. All of us constantly bashing the enemy back with our scutums and then thrusting with our gladius'.
    The killing became to much, I began to close my eyes as I thrusted forwards. I could feel my gladius pushing past their thin armour and spreading their ribs apart. The sound was terrifying.

    The last man was horrible slain by the principe's as he was on his knee's begging for mercy. I watched as his body peirced from all angles by many swords. His body was then kicked off the wall followed by a cheer from both maniples.

    Me and Qvintvs didn't cheer though. We stood sheathed in blood and looked on at what we had conquered. By the look in his eye's, I could tell that Qvintvs was thinking of something different. He was thinking about what we had just done.

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    I like the blood. Dont worry about it being a Romani one, I always enjoy those, so long as they arent short lived. Oh and don't let some of our Roman haters cause you to quit!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasiliyi View Post
    I like the blood. Dont worry about it being a Romani one, I always enjoy those, so long as they arent short lived. Oh and don't let some of our Roman haters cause you to quit!
    I agree through and through. I hate the romans 2 but never give up. push forward.
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    Hmm... Well I'm at college and work all day today so during that time I shall thing of something to make this romani AAR more interesting :)
    See you all very soon


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