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Thread: i couldnt resist!

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    Default i couldnt resist!

    this has got to be one of the greatest videos ever made!

    i remember i first saw this when i was 13, i think. still funny!

    now i am afraid to say "blah"
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    Default Re: i couldnt resist!

    Care to let us in on the awesomeness by, say, providing a linkie?
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    Thumbs up Re: i couldnt resist!

    Oh Lemur, your eyes are failing you in your old age...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooahguy View Post

    I still remember the Nuclear War at the Gay Bar song, with those 3 little kittens in viking costumes.

    EDIT: They have the vid here. First time I saw it was 5-6 yrs ago on a different site.
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