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Thread: Daft iPhone hands...

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    Wink Daft iPhone hands...

    This isn't just shameless self advertising, of course not... no-one would ever say that.

    On a completely unrelated note, check this out!

    The video this is based on is here for anyone not familiar with 30+ million viewed virals...
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    Default Re: Daft iPhone hands...

    Thanks for bringing teh internetz into the formerly-safe-haven of the Org.

    (Also, if I had any unpoened cans left, I would post a 1-second video of me opening a beer and call it "daft beer hands." Ah, well.)

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    Default Re: Daft iPhone hands...

    Tried to merge this with the Video Thread in the Backroom, but apparently I don't have sufficient permissions. Closed, please put single-video posts in the appropriate thread.
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