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Thread: Amazing victory; 3-1 odds

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    Default Amazing victory; 3-1 odds

    in my RTI chapter 3 campaign, i was besieging the city under maryland with a general, 2 Regiment of Horses, and 11 riflemen. the british sallied forth with 2 howitzers, some line infantry and a unit of ferguson riflemen, plus some other units mixed in there. supporting them was a cherokee army with lots of elite infantry and cavalry, as well as another reinforcing army of mostly cavalry.

    i somehow managed to win, albeit with (i believe) more than a 50% casualty rate.
    i wanted to post pics, but i cant find where they went so......... yeah.

    basically, i arrayed my riflemen in a trapezoid-looking shape;3 on each side and 2 in the back, with my cavalry in the middle of the square-thingy. once the battle started i deployed stakes immediately, which led to me getting inter-locking stake lines, something that saved me. i moved out my regiments of horses to charge the indian infantry, but they routed. so basically i let the enemy move up to me, unleashing 1-3 unreturned volleys at advancing line infantry. they for some reason charged me, but i was able to pull out some riflemen from behind and drove back the british lines. i allowed the cherokee to charge my stakes, and then wiped out the remaining infantry with some riflemen from the sides.

    somehow i ended up being relatively safe from the enemy cannons, and routed almost all of their units within 15 minutes. they ended up with a unit of provincial cavalry ad mounted tribal gunners, and i charged down the hill with all my remaining forces. they werew wiped out, but i was left with only half the men i had before. i was able to route another cherokee army right after with some much needed reinforcements, and cemented the front-line above the potomac.

    in one battle, i killed over 3000 men with only 1032, and could have easily held off another attack, even without the reinforcements.

    well, ill try and find the screenshots and post them, but i forgot to take them until almost the end.
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    Default Re: Amazing victory; 3-1 odds

    Reminds me of RTI Cp4 where I landed 3 armies in Britain and the first one at about 90% strength on its own defeated 4 British fullstacks sent against it in 4 separate battles during the same AI turn on more or less flat terrain. It had about 25% remaining all xp 2 or 3 then but my general died in the last battle (he started that one with 3 men and was my only remaining cav unit along with 2 regiment of horse units one at 3 one at 4 men).
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