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Thread: a few tweaking questions

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    Default a few tweaking questions

    In order to reduce cpu load - is it possible to turn off the trading vessel animations/animated forests in campaign map?

    Also, the "most advanced/largest faction" markers are annoying me - someone know a way to disable it?
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    Default Re: a few tweaking questions

    you also need to disable trees and EB sea texture too... anyway, the one who drain most comp's power is the battle... What's your specification?

    My laptop is only 1 GB RAM, Speed of 1,.83 GHz and has no video card, but there was no problem in the startmap... I use medium unit details in Battle map, large unit size, medium and low otherwise, with resolution 1280 x 768 x 16 bit.... and I could manage to play 4000 men battle smoothly (with spirit fixes)...

    Hmmm.... EB campaign map has slower loading time, but this wasn't serious since the script is excellent! In my laptop, they are only 1 minute per turn.... at longest time (usually 15-20 secs)

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