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Thread: DEFCON 1: Everyone dies!

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    Default DEFCON 1: Everyone dies!

    It has been such a long day. Anyway, only ten minutes to midnight. My eyes are almost destroyed, I forgot my lens somewhere, I need one now, every screen is unreadable. I just can't see anything.

    I need to rest my eyes and my body. I never had the urge to return home as soon as possible. Its like wishing to start to travel to your home and wishing that the trip will take five minutes, your wife waiting, looking at the window, smiling. That would be so good. Home, warn home.

    What is that red screen flashing? I don't see! I started to walk to the screen, hoping that I would see what it was saying. What I could see was a screen saying: Alert. Movilization of troops.

    We were at DEFCON 5. It means that there were no total enemy activities. Now, there were troop activities, like a movilization of masive forces.

    - What is going on? I need to know every single detail now, now, NOW. Switch to DEFCON 4. Contact Germany. They need to know this. Damn those communists. Condemn them.

    Will keep it coming.

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    Default Re: DEFCON 1: Everyone dies!

    Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room.
    Haha looking forward to the rest of it
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