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Thread: The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

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    Wink The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

    Well... This was my imagination, how did the history will be twisted when Spartans (KH in EB) could conquer the wolrd, and assimilate the best weapons and armour techniques available...
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    First i think to post it in the EB forum, but this was just a funny tought and not directly related, so I share this in the frontroom instead

    Here was my Imagination of Spartan soldiers: (I draw it after do Biochemistry test and still had much time left)

    1. Rhomphaia (from Thracians, the most wonderful ap weapons ever)
    2. Solid handguard with leather gloves
    3. Coolus Helmet (from Romans)
    4. Face mask (to frighten enemies like Gaesatae)
    5. High lamellar neckguard (from Phalavan)
    6. Lamellar armguard (from steppe)
    7. Muscled Iron cuirass (Hellenic version)
    8. Soliferum, 3 pieces (from Iberians)
    9. Thureo shield with Spartan Insignia
    10. Chain mail thong, weared outside the Lammelar Shorts (like Superman)
    11. Lamellar Shorts
    12. Iron Greaves
    13. Nailed Shoes
    14. Red Spartan cape
    15. AK-47 for use when things got awry against Jeagers <--kidding

    Now what about the other's imagination about ultimate Spartan soldiers? Thanks...
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    Default Re: The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

    Phalanxes and skirmishers could still present a problem to such soldiers.

    Surely they would fight from on top of elephants with ballistas on their backs?
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    Default Re: The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

    Theres two things I can say.

    First, you should be checking your answers for your test instead of drawing.
    Second, your darn good at drawing

    Being Japanese, I would love to see them in Samurai armor armed with a katana, riding on a African elephant kataphracts with Balistas on his body.

    Or Spartan on the good old Yubtseb elephants, loaded with a piles of incendary pigs.

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    Default Re: The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

    They were dressed as they were (and the best warriors of their time) for a reason. I do not think that changing their gear would make them better...

    The reason they would never conquer the world is that their military machine was not 'scalable'. That is, you could not make it 100 times bigger because they would not recruit non-spartans and you couldn't just give someone a 12month training programme and make him a Spartan.

    Cool drawing though
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    Default Re: The Ultimate Spartan soldiers ever....

    They need some pigs they can light up and hurl when they get into a tight situation.

    Water! Where is their water! No soldier can survive without water!

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