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Thread: More agressive ads and a virus

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    Default More agressive ads and a virus

    The day before the "forum error problem" I logged on and while perusing the forums an audio ad for "Lime Away" played. No way to stop it without logging off. Log back on and this thing insisted on playing. I let it play through, and haven't been bothered since.

    Last night after the "forum error" trouble had been fixed I logged on. A bunch of started down loading in the back ground, and then I get a notification from my virus protection program that a virus had just been blocked. Bloohound.Exploit.196 I don't know if it has anything to do with the banner ad "forum error" problems or not. I use IE version 8. Norton 360 virus protection.

    Anyone else experience any of this stuff recently while on the org. ?
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    Exclamation Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    Get Kaspersky. Norton and McAfee aren't worth a crap. Long time ago, when I was not yet as interested in computers or malware, I had McAfee. Then, when I became the computer nerd I am, I found out about Kaspersky and got it. Cleaned up my computer big time. All that stuff existed with McAfee. Norton is much worse. Heck, even Spybot S&D could outperform it in certain situations. As for AVG and Avast, you might as well not have anything.

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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    Quote Originally Posted by Hosakawa Tito View Post

    I use IE version 8. Norton 360 virus protection.
    There is a removal tool for the Norton virus

    Seriously that thing has historically done more bad than good...

    Avast is quite good and free too.
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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    I had the same problem, but it doesn't stay every time. It'll eventually go away...I think...(get's paranoid and runs Spybot again)
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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    I haven't had a single ad, or pop-up, running on IE, on an unprotected computer.

    Now I'm on firefox and spybot, being paranoid.
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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    I ran a complete search right after the Forum error. But apparently, nothing was found.

    I did experience a blue screen due to overheated computer, but I don't think that was caused by the virus.

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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    Heh, according to this test, Norton and McAfee have some of the best detection rates, afaik Norton has been improved quite a bit over the years.
    I'd see the problem in your browser, Opera or Firefox are quite a bit safer than IE and IMO also easier to use and faster. Doesn't mean ads with viruses are fine but you gotta protect yourself I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    I've been redirected to random sites a couple of times when trying to access some forums.
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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    I use ad-blocker (for firefox), so I'm never bothered with adds.
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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    Same for me ive never been bothered with pop ups because of firefoxes blocker feature, i truly enjoy this feature (just switched to firefox)

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    Default Re: More agressive ads and a virus

    Bloohound.Exploit.196 seems to be a lo-spread, lo-threat exploit that targets your Acrobate Reader.

    That is, if you have it at all. It appears that Bloohound.Exploit.196 is a false positive in Symantec's virus detection. Symantec even keeps popping Bloohound warnings on Jezus' own homepage which we all know is guaranteed malware free.

    Looks like they fuzzled their definitions again at Norton, which means that you probably never had this exploit anyway. And yes indeed, Norton is the worst God-awful crap ever invented, which is why Bill Gates made it the standard anti-mal for every Windows install. Having experienced Vista, I suppose we all see the logic now.

    Which in turn means that you should delete Norton with extreme prejudice, install FF with AdBlock and live happily ever after.
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