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Thread: Revolt, Revolution!

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    Default Revolt, Revolution!

    I was wondering about other player's experiences with trying to change their government.

    My experience was with Spain, I built a bunch of colleges in the Spain province, Salamanca, Barcelona, Seville, Andorra (when it grew).

    I had a revolt when the Upper class got angry and I sided with the rebels to kick out the Hapsburg king.
    But I did forget to check the government type with the revolt. I assumed it was still a monarchy

    It was not my ultimate goal so I raised taxes and changed ministers and then got a revolution! Both classes were angry and I made Spain a Republic. I sided against the establishment.

    From what I did, I assume that only making the lower class angry might yield a constitutional monarchy, but I've got to test it.

    I will edit and post later with pictures, i did not have fraps running and had trouble with Steam needing to have a live connection

    Has anyone tried doing something similar?
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    I myself made the lower class revolt to get a Republic, the spanish king really sucks. Although to trigger a revolution you only need your capital to be unhappy you didn't have to do it for all your settlements. I have to say this is my first revolution and it seems fruitful the new leader aka the presiden is 8 stars and gives all these good bonuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PraetorFigus View Post
    From what I did, I assume that only making the lower class angry might yield a constitutional monarchy, but I've got to test it.
    An Absolute Monarchy that has an upper class revolt merely deposes and replaces the King. This is what you do to get rid of a completely worthless arse of a King. A lower class revolt creates a Republic.

    As a Republic an upper class revolution creates a Constitutional Monarchy, while a lower class revolt similarly doesn't change the government type.

    As a Constitutional Monarchy an upper class revolt produces an Absolute Monarchy and a lower class revolt creates a Republic. While having a monarch, a Constitutional Monarchy thus has absolutely no way to get rid of an inbred donkey of a King/Queen with one simple revolt.
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    Default Re: Revolt, Revolution!

    I've had two lower class revolutions in Naples but my armies put them down easily. It seems to help lower unrest after. It's as if all the angry people joined the army so once the army was destroyed, no more least for a while.


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