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    i have a several questions about senate system in RTW.

    1, is senate system hardcoded only for RTW or is possible to add it in BI ? (senate - in BI another faction - as superfaction, several factions "under" superfaction as Roman´s families - in BI another factions.
    2, are misions from senate hardcoded only for senate ? or is possible to code misions for another "superfaction" ?

    maybe naive questions, but nobody can answer me on them. some people think that senate is hardcoded only for RTW, but nobody knows it exactly...

    sorry my english.

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    1) BI = Rome, so yes .. it's sort of adviced to run Rome under BI, at least you can easilly do that and it seems to only improve the AI a little. (search the forum, there is plenty of info around about porting Rome to BI/running Rome in BI)

    2) It is, but iirc you can give them an other name on the gamemap. Than there is scripting ....


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