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Thread: Problem with Hamachi (multiplayer)

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    Recently ive installed Hamachi on my computer (latest version) and logged myself on X-fire. I've joined Maions network (Greek EB) on Hamachi and we made appointment via chat to met each other in the lobby (LAN battles in EB Multiplayer). The problem is that we didn't saw each other in the lobby (i didn't saw no one there btw): both of us were online and logged on the same network and running EB: so im asking someone who knows more about Hamachi and lan battles to help me with this issue.

    And, yes, my firewall was shutted down...

    (i hope im enough clear with my description: i do my best in my poor english...)

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    Ok, i think i've resolved my problem. In my lan networks there were 2 Hamachi network interfaces, both of them connected, so i suppose that Hamachi program did use the wrong one. Now i've deleted those icons, reinstalled Hamachi and now there is only one icon.

    Well, if anybody wants to play online now, i'm available at Maions network (Greek EB, password: eb): i would really like to try if it works now.


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