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Thread: Indo Greek Phalanx

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    Default Indo Greek Phalanx

    I heard before that the Indo-Greeks still used the Macedonian phalanx, and that the EB had considered to make such a unit for EB, but it was canceled due to model limit.
    Has anyone actually made the unit and still have it? I would like to add it to ALXEB.

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    Default Re: Indo Greek Phalanx

    Hmm ? Oh, it's there.
    type             hellenistic infantry indohellenikoi hoplitai
    dictionary       hellenistic_infantry_indohellenikoi_hoplitai      ; Hoplitai Indohellenikoi
    category         infantry
    class            spearmen
    voice_type       General_1
    soldier          hellenistic_infantry_iphikratoushoplitai_misthophoroihoplitai_indohellenikoihoplitai, 40, 0, 1.2
    officer          ebofficer_hellenic_officer
    officer          ebofficer_hellenic_standardbearer
    mount_effect     elephant -1
    attributes       sea_faring, hide_forest, can_sap, hardy
    formation        0.7, 1, 2, 2.4, 4, square
    stat_health      1, 1
    stat_pri         15, 6, no, 0, 0, melee, siege, piercing, spear, 0 ,0.13
    stat_pri_attr    light_spear
    stat_sec         11, 6, no, 0, 0, melee, simple, slashing, sword, 0 ,0.13
    stat_sec_attr    no
    stat_pri_armour  10, 8, 3, leather
    stat_sec_armour  0, 0, flesh
    stat_heat        3
    stat_ground      0, 0, -1, -1
    stat_mental      11, normal, highly_trained
    stat_charge_dist 30
    stat_fire_delay  0
    stat_food        60, 300
    stat_cost        1, 1325, 331, 50, 70, 1325
    ownership        romans_brutii, pontus
    Reform unit, as it were. Got the same treatment as the Iphikrateans, ie. lost the phalanx special formation (and is currently under soldier-radius experimentation by your truly).
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    Default Re: Indo Greek Phalanx

    No, those are hoplites, I'm looking for Macedonian phalanx, like this:
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    Default Re: Indo Greek Phalanx

    There was an "Indo-Hellenic Pezhetairoi" planned a long time ago but was dropped due to them being rare and other units being more important. I'm not sure there was a whole lot of sarrisa phalanx action in India, but the tactic did make it there.

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    Default Re: Indo Greek Phalanx

    any model/skin of them exist?

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    Default Re: Indo Greek Phalanx

    I don't think that unit ever got passed the "lets maybe consider doing something like that someday in the future" stage.


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