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    Of all the campaigns i started without any plans to finish, this one I am really enjoying. With Spain unified and the celtiberians an allied state, making up a large portion of the army, I'm really enjoying this. I have a few questions.

    1) Why is Ireland part of the VC? I don't mind, I just would like to know the reasons, as I am sure there are, it would be even more enjoyable if I knew the reason I was invading a seemly random island, disconnected from my empire.

    2) Is there any way at all to encourage a war between Carthage and Rome? It sure would make life a lot easyer.

    3) Do I get any knew units from the march of time?

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    1- There were migrations of people from Iberia to Ireland, though I think the victory condition was added just to make the campaign a bit more difficult for the player. Some factions don't really have to do much and some, like Roma, have huge conditions.

    2- There usually isn't a way to get the AI to fight eachother when they don't want to. They like to team up on you. Although, for Rome & Carthage, you can get them to fight eachother if you can give Messina to Roma. They will then be scripted to go to war.

    3- You may get a new bodyguard unit with the March of Time, but I don't recall if Lusotannia does or not.

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    Thank you kind sir. Yeah, I was hoping for some interesting historical story that would get all phyced up for the invasion. I can dig it though, I'll wait till the Casse hold it, then I'll sick some Celtiberians on the blue bastards!


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