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Thread: Gens Vitellia Query

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    Question Gens Vitellia Query

    Hello all.
    I would gladly appreciate some help in sorting out a matter regarding family names, specifically that of the Romani Gens Vitellia. I understand that questions like this may have come up before and i apologise in advance if this is just another common post about adding family members.

    Basically i have played several (albeit unfinished) Romani campaigns on EB 1.2 but have never come across a Vitellius character and decided to try look through the export_descr_character_traits.txt to see if i could find anything; i came across this:

    ; Special historic battle name trait
    Trait Vitelivs
    Characters family

    Level Vitelivs
    Description Vitelivs_desc
    EffectsDescription Vitelivs_effects_desc
    Epithet Vitelivs_epithet_desc
    Threshold 1

    The other notables such as Cornelivs Scipio, Ivnivs Brvtvs are there but i only seemed to find Vitellivs under this "historic battle name". I should appreciate were someone to help me format a Gens Vitellia (as i understand this needs a new trait) and implement it to the starting Romani Family Tree alongside a new daughter by Dentatvs or inform me how this 'battle name' is attainable.
    The only other option i can see is that i just have been unfortunate enough to never have come across by Benefactor or Marriage a Vitellian character.

    Thank you for reading this

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    Default Re: Gens Vitellia Query

    It's possible to add a new gens, but it's complicated enough that I don't have enough time to tell you how. What I'd suggest is that you use one of the existing gens and family name traits (GensOctavia and Octavivs would be best) and make the following text substitutions in text\export_VnVs.txt, MAKING A BACKUP COPY OF THE FILE BEFORE EDITING IT:

    {Gens_Octavia} Gens Vitellia

    (Interesting information about Gens Vitellia)

    {Adopted_By_Gens_Octavia} Adopted into Gens Vitellia

    This man has been adopted into Gens Vitellia.

    He is treated as if he had been born to the Vitellii.

    {Octavivs} Vitellivs

    Be careful to preserve existing tabs in this file. That should do it.
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