One thing i like about ETW is the "native language" commands and orders that fill the battlefields with as much character as the graphics and uniforms.

I've played a fair few campaigns with different nationalities so far and unfortunately noticed some innacuracies, errors and weird stuff in what the troops call out at particular times on the Battlefield.

I don't speak any Dutch, Turkish or Russian, and little enough German -but the French troops say a couple of silly things:

1. "normal" Line infantry and colonial line infantry seem pretty confused about what they are, shouting out that they are alternately "Infanterie de Ligne" or "Infanterie de Ligne colonniale" as they fancy -each saying both at different times in the same battle.

2. Any move command results in the commanding officer shouting "repliez vous", which is not "advance" or "move" even, but "fall back". The only "fall back" order you can give is skirmish mode, so I buggered if I know why militia units say that on a simple move order (forwards too btw!).

Please feel free to post any other inconsistencies noticed in this thread -I've yet to play Spain (the accuracy of which i could also check). I'm already hugely pleased that CA moved on from the cheesy "speak-a-de-Eenglish" agent and unit sounds from MTW2, but it still seems there are a few bugs and inconsistencies.