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Thread: 11 new(ish) units on the way

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    Default 11 new(ish) units on the way

    Straight from 1up:

    Empire: Total War is getting a sizable content update in its next patch, including 11 free units. They aren't completely new, but they should shake things up a bit for the various factions.

    According to Creative Assembly (via Voodoo Extreme), the units are a "combination of new and replacement units." The replacements will take the place of generic units like the standard guard, which will now have unique uniforms and attributes depending on its faction.

    "We've also given several factions access to units that are already in the game. So for example, the Dutch and Swedish factions can now access the Hussars unit. Something they were unable to do previously," they said in their message.

    "In total there is one brand new unit, ten unique replacement units and four existing units 'unlocked' for other factions."

    Creative Assembly says that the update will soon be released on Steam for free, and will be "a thank you to all our players." Info on individual units will be released over time on their official forums.
    Appologies if this has been posted and i missed it, but looks like a step in the right direction. There are certainly more pressing matters than different uniforms, but what the hell.

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    Default Re: 11 new(ish) units on the way

    In fact, this was posted yesterday in the Daily Update thread.
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    Default Re: 11 new(ish) units on the way

    Well not exactly.

    This comes from a third party.

    Maybe the French can have Dragoons now? Didnít they have them anyway?

    The good part is that it gives the art and design departments something to do while others work on the AI and CTDs etc, etc.

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    Default Re: 11 new(ish) units on the way

    The French could have Colonial Dragoons, but not regular European ones.

    10 unique replacement units? What does that mean? Also why would Sweden need Hussars? They're cavalry is wonderful to begin with.

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    Default Re: 11 new(ish) units on the way

    Hmmm... I been considering trying some mods this weekend but maybe i'll wait if they plan on doing something soon.


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