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Thread: Dear AI, please don't abandon your newly conquered territories...

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    Default Dear AI, please don't abandon your newly conquered territories...

    I've only reached 102nd turn or so in my post-patch campaign so far - not much time to play the game. I saw this happen in earlier turns, but was awe-struck by the AI's incompetence in holding on to new territory in the last four turns.

    Here's what happened: a Russian stack took Dagestan, then Georgia (empty, because it foolishly sent its stacks to attack my army in Azerbaijan) , then Armenia (where the Ottomans had only two units). Then seeing Baghdad empty, it declared war on the Italian States (my protectorate, to whom I gifted the province) and promptly invaded while my 2nd Indian Expeditionary Force (I wish we could name the stacks, not just the units...) was patrolling Azerbaijan (gifted to my protectorate Hannover).

    What the AI missed was the new 13 point resistance penalty, along with the religious discontent in Dagestan. All three territories - Dagestan, Georgia and Armenia, rebelled one turn apart from each other. And my 20-unit full stack naturally wiped out the 6-unit depleted Russian stack in Baghdad...

    Lesson that needs to be learned by CA: Ahem, you made expansion more difficult for the player, but even more difficult for the AI... The AI should learn to turtle, not blitz, to actually mount a challenge to the human AI.

    Note that this isn't the only time I've seen this happen. Crimea rose from ashes, and so did Poland. But the three region rebellion was a sight to see...
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    Default Re: Dear AI, please don't abandon your newly conquered territories...

    That is also why the US emerges so early…Cherokee or Iroquois taking regions they can’t hope to hold.

    As for turtling…the screamers want a more aggressive AI. It can’t hope to actually do anything but it will be aggressive when it has the funds to build more than what just keeps the capital in check.

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    Default Re: Dear AI, please don't abandon your newly conquered territories...

    It is being fixed. See the note for May 27 here:

    May 27th

    Today's fixes include:

    1. Campaign AI - The campaign AI now properly garrisons towns after capturing them, reducing the likelihood of the captured region immediately falling into rebellion. Thereby increasing expand and hold tactics from the AI. This issue was originally caused by improper balancing of future unrest values.

    2. Audio - Updated the miles dll in order to fix an issue causing 'popping' sounds on the low pass filter.

    3. Audio - Group movement and unit melee sounds fixed so that noticeable phasing is reduced.

    4. Campaign AI - Crash bug on AI turn identified and fixed.

    There's also a point to be made on AI peace making. It can appear at current that the AI isn't making peace with neighbours. The AI does in fact make peace with other nations, but the player is not notified directly of these events. The status of relationships between AI nations can be found in the diplomatic screens, and AI nations are in fact making peace as well as declaring war. However there is no 'event message' for this.

    The balance at which AI nations do this is also being examined, in line with previous updates about 'backstabbing traits' and the like.

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