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I try this all the time during sieges, but I have yet to have the enemy accept any of my demands for surrender. Has anybody ever been able to pull it off?

I'm also wondering what exactly happens if the enemy does surrender. I would guess that you gain the city with no loss and no damage to the buildings, which would save you some money rebuilding them.
There wasn't a specific feature in Total War games where the enemy could surrender during sieges based on player demands. The surrender mechanics in Total War games typically involve the AI factions deciding whether to surrender based on their situation, such as low morale, severe damage to their forces, or being surrounded.

The ability to force a surrender through player demands might not be a standard feature in the series. Total War games tend to focus on realistic battle and campaign mechanics, and surrendering is often determined by the AI's assessment of the battle rather than direct player negotiation.

If the game has been updated since then or if there are specific mods that introduce this feature, it's recommended to check the latest patch notes or community discussions for the most accurate information.

As for the hypothetical scenario of the enemy surrendering, your speculation is generally accurate based on the surrender mechanics in Total War games. If an enemy surrenders, you would typically gain control of the city or settlement without having to fight the battle, resulting in less damage to the buildings and potentially saving you reconstruction costs. However, the exact outcomes can vary based on the specific game mechanics and features implemented in the title you're playing.