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Thread: Is this mod still alive?

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    Default Is this mod still alive?

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    Default Re: Is this mod still alive?

    it should be!!
    we all waiting for the beta release

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    Default Re: Is this mod still alive?

    It's kinda in a coma, not quite dead, not quite alive. =)
    It is believed that the beta version is in transit via Belgium mail, after Wundai receives the mod it will then be uploaded for us to download and then install 'n' stuff. It's been a while since any news has been announced... but surely the package would've been delivered by now.

    We can only be a bit more patient until further information.
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    Default Re: Is this mod still alive?

    for how long ?

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    Default Re: Is this mod still alive?

    Well I'd say it's hit a bit of a snag by the looks of things unfortunately.

    He was supposed to be the one compiling the files into the open beta.


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