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Thread: The very, very, very basics of MP

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    Default The very, very, very basics of MP

    Hi guys, after years playing with the AI i'm triying to play in MP. My problem is that any guide look this: i can't begin the procces. When i choose MP the game say me "The register can't be done. Uncorrect email" ?? I've the original game, and most of the gides focuse on the problems as "choose the map, choose the faction..." but not about this very beginning step.

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    hmm.......sorry i have to ask this, but unfortunately i do: did you create a gamespy account? in order to sign in, you must first create an account.

    if you have created an account already, make sure the email you typed in, and the email on the account match, then ensure you have the right password. sometimes you may not type in the password right, or put in one you think is right when it is the wrong one. or caps lock may have been on. you never know.

    if nothing else, just create another account.
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