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Thread: My Personal attraction to this game.

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    To pass the time
    I like to Play Totalwar:Shogun, Senkuko Jeidi
    I can divid up Japan and let Japanese fight each other.

    I am looking forward to The Mongol Invasion because:
    I can now conquer Japan.

    Divid and Conquer.

    "War is Peace." - Newspeak

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    Just as you can now play the game with Japanese sounds/remarks... will the same be done in 'Mongolian' if you are playing as the Mongols? Or will the Mongols speak Japanese to each other?

    [Sips sake, eats popcorn]

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    Wonder if they will have any thing like the Big-Drum-on-the-Camel the mongol army bring...
    That will be very cool.
    I hate Mongolians speak Japanese... Why would the conquer wants to speak Japanese.

    (Don't Like Japanese Period)
    "War is Peace." - Newspeak


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