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    i just got the game, finally, so one thing i don't know is how do i set tax rates and stuff, could u guys give me some basic info, i pick the clan, dont' rememeber their name though but was surrounded by hojo and mori, thanks alot.

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    Hmmm if you are a newbie go for Hojo clan. They are very rich and try having alliences when you expand and have one enemy at a time if you can. Try make them attack you, win and then attack finding them outnumbered

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    To set tax click on Koku (on the bottom right of your screen, where it tells you number of koku you have). The tax setting screen will come up. There are 4 different tax rate I think. But keep in mind that the higher the tax the lower the loyalty in all the provinces. So if you are going to rip them off make sure that you have armies looking after all the provinces.
    I hop this will help you.
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