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    Default Sweden

    Sweden guides

    Please review the ToC before posting new strategies.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    I have yet to get the game but I would probably jump all over using Sweden. Any Sweden users? How is it?

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    Default Re: Sweden

    The earlier version guides are pretty much still current. Look to them for a guide to get you started, the war with Norway, Russia & Polish-Lith is still set to occur in version 1.5 unless you get a full alliance treaty with any of them.

    In my wifes current campaign, all three declared war at turn 22 in the same turn. Its not a major thing to deal with though the main drawback is Norway blockading your sea trade as before this you should have plenty of trade and income so make sure you spend extra coins on FLEET.

    Prior to this she had taken a non-agressive approach building trade treaties and getting friendly with Great Britain, Austria and other large nations. This meant she had a large sink-hole of cash to see her through the Norway blockade and to rapidly build armies to keep Russia and Norway busy. Pole-Lith has not sent any armies as they're (as with other games with other nations) busy fighting Austria by this point.

    Taking this route gives you a chance to really build your infastructure and tech so you don't have to worry about cash shortages during long wars.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    I finished a campaign as Sweden on VH.

    Generally speaking Russia, Poland, and Denmark are your main enemies.

    Fortunately, Poland can be kept at bay so long as you maintain a decent garrison of militia and horseman in your city next to Courtland. Courtland I found was pretty good and never engaged me in any military affairs even with Poland.

    Denmark, sooner or later you have to take them out so keeping a strong army nearby when they attack is a good idea. Taking norway and cophenagen secures your western frontier though Hannover could be a problem. However, Prussia may be able to hold them back so securing an alliance with them is advisable.

    Russia is the top dog you'd have to deal with. I maintained a strong army in St. Petersburg and they destroyed every russian army coming at them. Now and then they'd accept peace when I destroy these armies. Eventually though you'll need to go on the offensive.

    While Russia itself is huge, the only cities worth any penny is Moscow and Kiev. If Russia loses those two cities they pretty much can't do jack.

    Taking Moscow will defintely cripple Russia and take a lot of the fight out of them but you'll be spending the next turns trying to maintain order and secure its borders from raiders because of its huge size. However, if you push through you can eventually capture Kiev and this takes Russia out of the fight and you can send a small army to take their remaining small provinces to the east.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    Taking the remaining provinces in eastern Russia is unwise unless you have obsession with dragoons or +6 to lower classes happiness from ministers since they are slowly developing regions with no way of fighting unrest expects waiting it out and removing taxes, my personal suggestion is that after you get Karelia, Archangelsk, Muscovy and Ukraine you get peace with them by offering them roughly 5000 and some tech for trade rights and peace, works every time and when they are that weak they won't backstab you so long you keep decent garrison, which is must in Moscow anyways.

    Once properly developed Moscow can rather easily hold 2 schools in the later stages of the game where you have lots of clamour to reform, Archangelsk and Karelia are useful to capture since they have 3 fur traders put together (2 averages and 1 low yield if I don't remember wrong, ones in Finland and Sweden are also average).

    My personal strategy which I find effective is to deal with Denmark ASAP, and yes, that means taking Iceland. I send some 4-6 line infantry there and then later use same forces to capture myself Pirate islands from American theater.

    Once you own Denmark, Hannover will declare war on you but if you have trade agreements with its allies, they shouldn't be able to drag major powers into war with you, they are easily dealt with by keeping garrison of 4-6 line infantry (cavalry or artillery not essential) in southern Denmark.
    My plan is to form "Baltic Ring" which means owning every single region that has connection to Baltic Sea, including victory condition region Berlin. Baltic Ring is important since creating it protects most of your core territories from unlikely but very real naval assaults. All you need to do is keep mediocre fleet between Norway and Denmark.

    In 1.5 Prussia often loses East Prussia after some 10-15 turns if not earlier, you need to be ready to capitalize on that by taking out Courland right after Poland-Lithuania captures East Prussia and then move to East Prussia and claim it as your own, this also removes most resistance to foreign occupation which is good since the region is almost filthy rich after you destroy the entertainment building in there and build another industrial building instead.

    You are safe to send Indiamen to trade theaters if you wish but I strongly suggest taking out Denmark before sending any out of your ports. You need to be more careful if Crimean Khanate is destroyed, which has happened in every single one of my games, but before you start massing a gigantic trade fleet, keep upgrading you fur traders for a less risky way to make more money and destroy pirates in American theater, then you can convert those 2 shipyards into ports and you have 2 regions with ports producing sugar and they are within one turns reach from Brazil.

    This is long bit I've written and I'll continue this later if needed.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    Opening Moves
    Definitely move in on Denmark. Securing that strait is important for anything Sweden does, since all of your trade goes through those straits. For me, the first step was getting as many trading contracts as possible. In the start of the game, you have enormous reserves of fur to trade, which is only rivaled by a few posts in Russia or Canada. Use trade funds to bolster your army and move into the Lithuania area. Try to avoid allying with Prussia, Austria, Russia, or Poland (they don't really like you anyway). Poland will usually attack you first, and they're easy pickings. Use Indiamen to grab some sugar profits off South America

    Middle Game
    Usually it's best to get a trade agreement (and large army) with Russia. You get about 1K profits from them every turn for fur and general trade. They don't want to lose that income. In Poland, wipe out Poland ASAP. Use Protestant missionaries to subdue the Catholic populations of Poland, and large armies to keep the Prussians at arms distance. You could even ally with Prussia, but it's difficult to balance the need to take Brandenburg and the numbers of Prussian troops. Hold off until you successfully pacify Poland. Once you get Poland figured out, you can launch a multi-pronged assault from Sweden/Denmark/Poland and overwhelm Prussia, grab the "Baltic Ring" as previously mentioned.

    Late Game
    In my game France fell to Netherlands/Britain. Take some troops and grab "Quebec" and other territories to get a strong monopoly on fur trade, maintain good relations with Britain, Netherlands, and Spain. All three essentially control the seas. Now is time to take out Russia. Move into Moldavia, Belarus, and build up troops. Launch troop columns into Russia, take out Crimea ASAP. Remove their connection to the outside world quickly, cut off their trade. Next is Kiev. The large size of Russia prevents one from really taking all of Russia, just as long as you smash into Moscow at the end, you've essentially won, since your provinces are all captured and you have the requisite number of provinces.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    I tried a nordic campaign, ie, "liberating" Iceland, Denmark and Norway before looking at the world at large.

    Mayhaps not the most efficient method, but attacking the nordic neighbours is fun!

    Trying to mimic the swedish kings moves is generally an interesting choice by the way read up on Karl XII and his dad.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    I just got the game few days ago and started swedish as my first campaing... I favor bold moves and such tactic should be suitable for small emerging sweden. I had lots of learning to do on the way so I didnt move so fast but this is what I did:

    Opening Moves
    = Trade with Ottoman Empire, France and Great Brittain.
    Swedish Army: attacked Norway first and then Denmark. I also tried to remove Danish naval presence but I failed bad. (Lost my whole navy against equal streight danish navy.)
    Finnish Army: attacked Courland trought Baltic and set up defence point there.
    Ingrian Army: attacked Moscow and then Kiev but was obliterated in Kiev.
    Karelian Expedition: gathered 2 pikemen and 2 militia, later reinforced them with 2 cavarly units. Then attacked Karelia, Arkengelik, Komi, Kazak... Everything arond Moscow and Kiev in Circle.

    - Got the idea of Karelian expedition from later aunus expedition of finnish army. Got the idea of going all the way to kazak after Russia raided moscow form there. Two last ones where just to get access to both seas.
    - Moscow and Kiev are the backbone of Russia. I moved fast (mayby too fast) to take those two. Idea was that when Poland-Leuthuania War gets going I can sanwitch them from north and south.
    - Norway and Denmark where just essential breeding ground for me. As where the whole finno-baltic areas. Idea was to get Sweden-Norway-Denmark and Finland-Estonia-Ingria-Courland-Karelia to support two massive armies.

    Chain of Consequences:
    = More trade with United Provinces, Spain, Savoy and Venice.
    - Hannover declared on me after taking Denmark.
    Swedish Army: Attacked Hannover and took it.
    - Prussia declared on me after taking Hannover.
    Swedish Army: attacked Saxony (Prussian), Prague (Prussian) and then Berlin.
    Finnish Army: attacked East Prussia and West Prussia. Then runned back to East Prussia to defend agaist Poland-Leiethuania.
    Ingrian Army: reasembled in Moscow and attacked Kiev again.
    - Active War against Polant begun. Got War decloration from Austria.
    Karelian Expedition: Attacked Crimea. Lost Kazak on rebellion.
    - Got wat decloration from Georgia and Dagestan.
    Karelian Expedition: Dagestan took back two provinces. Kazak still under rebellion. Decided to do same move but to opposite direction and end it in Georgia and Dagestan this time.
    Swedish Army: got obliterated by rebelling Prussians and attacking Austrians. Remaining reassebled with all the prussian provinces. Attacked Vienna!
    Ingrian Army: Attacked Warsaw and all polish provinces in the way.
    Finnish Army: Attacked Liethuania and lost courland. Retook Courland.


    So now its turn 33 or 35... And I was thinking that if I had a change:

    Get Alliance with Austria and France. (Mayby Bohemia and Saxony as well.)

    Swedish Army: attack Norway, Denmark, Hannover, Prussia, Iceland and then to North America...
    Finnish Army: attack Courland, Prussia, Liethua, Poland and then to South America...
    Ingian Army: attack Moscow, Kiev, Crimea, 1 sea province... Then prepare for Ottoman/Persian War in Iasi.
    Karelian expedition: attack Karelia, Arkengelik, Komi, Kazak, 1 sea province, Dagestan... Then prepare for Ottoman/Persian War in Dagestan/Georgia.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    I have played only on M/M for ~50 years. Earlier I have finished GB and Russia campaigns and I will refer to some facts from that.

    I do not like play on multiple fronts.

    As written above your enemies are: Denmark, Russia, Prussia, Poland and ... Maratha (yes, they are. And it is hardest opponent)

    You start as Absolute Monarchy get advantage of it. Review ministers and shuffle/replace them as needed.
    Too advanced industry/research building will cause unhappiness. Do not build too many schools. Let somebody else do that for you ;-)

    As special rule your cavalry units are bigger (45->60 , 60->75) use it! Before cannister shot will make cavalry obsolete.

    Research: at the beginning the most important technologies (for me) are:
    - canister shot - allows me to use MOBILE cannons. I am not building more than few Demi-canons or sakers. I am using what I have but no more.
    Canister shot solves problem of massed melee infantry (Russia, Ottomans, American tribes, Persia, Maratha)
    AND low morale units. "A whiff of grapeshot ...." and they are running.
    - farming - everything that causes increase in rate of population grow is welcomed. ETW - is is about ... farming. More peasants -> more soldiers.
    - enlightenment - Stop before you research such revolutionary ideas as Bill of Right. Who hears of that. But first 2 levels they are useful (that +10% bonus to research is very nice).

    Other military techs - forget about naval techs. YOU ARE LAND COUNTRY. You will win or die on the land.
    Cavalry carbines are very useful - Dragoons anybody? (large 75 men units)
    Bayonets - all tech are essential because they will unlock higher level barracks.

    Trade - Sweden is land locked from the start. Baltic is closed by Denmark, France and Spain are controlling trade zones, pirates and Berbers are hunting on trade lines.

    Diplomacy - get alliances, but do not hope on sophisticated diplomacy. One or Two enemies at the time. :-)

    Your army is based on good Line Infantry and large cavalry units. (and cannons with grapeshot)

    Opening moves:

    Alliances - get trade alliance with GB maybe Spain. Do not trade with Maratha!
    Sign peace treaty with Berbers. It is cheap. You do not need to spend on navy to protect trade lines to Ottomans. :-)

    Danes are nice plug which separates you from "the rest of western Europe" (as in those pesky Prussians, Poles ...) I am not touching them until they start.
    Courland - they are small and have nice province but unfortunately in alliance with Poland. Do not touch them. There will be time later.
    Poland - Do not touch them, but if attacked crush them. Observe them carefully let them grow, but if they became too strong attack! (I have made that mistake playing Russia. Poland with no threat from Sweden,Russia and Ottomans conquered half of the Balkans and whole HRE)
    Russia - ah! that will be my first target.

    Transfer everything from Stockholm to the Russian border even pikemen using ships.
    Build militia and province cavalry (just in case) in Stockholm.
    Leave units next to Courland build there line infantry.
    Get nice Finnish cavalry unit (Special Forces ED) and all cannons close to Russian border. Split that into 2 Armies.

    Adjust taxes. Exempt from taxation undeveloped regions (Finland, and more if you can) let them grow and sprout new cities.
    Raise taxes for nobility. Lover classes happines is your problem.
    in conquered provinces - exempt them from the taxes. You will need less units to suppress rebellion. Russian provinces are not developed.
    It is cheaper to exempt from taxation even Moscow wit 1000 per turn income
    and not to garrison army which will eat few thousands to build and more than 1000 per turn in upkeep cost.

    After few turns I am ready to attack. My armies have together 2 demi-cannons, 6 line infantry 2 pikemen, 2 militia, 2 provincial cav., one finnish and one line cav. units. And 2 generals.

    Attack Russian border army with everything, after victory fill gaps in units from other regiments. Send main force to the Moscow. Even in winter ;-)
    Detach general (weaker of two) with 1 provincial cav, 1 line infantry 1 pikemen, 1 militia and 1 demi-cannons to the north. go N-E from St Petersburg
    and from there to Arkhangelsk swing south to Komi (build here Barracks)
    Damaged units from first battle send back for R&R to St. Petersburg. Build there 2 more line infantry and line cav.

    Attack Moscow and stay there until you rebuild barracks and governor palace. Build additional units maybe even dragoons if you have them, to suppress resistance.
    destroy orthodox seminary and build protestant one. Upgrade to Pleasure Gardens if you can.
    Profit! You have second College!

    Do not forget to train your Rakes in the art of assassination. Foreign scientists and missionaries are best target practice. And there is achievement for that too :-)

    Push to Kiev and Crimea.
    Stop here. You have first trade port on Black Sea. Sign trade agreement with Ottomans.
    Leave few units in Kiev and Crimea "just in case" if Poles/Ottomans became greedy.

    Finish Russia. During that process you should introduce 12lb artillery with canister shot.
    Improve roads. Now you got land trade routes. Without any naval expense.
    You are fur trader to GB from the north and to the Ottomans via Black Sea port. Profit!

    Consolidation phase, build seminaries, convert provinces, upgrade farming buildings and roads, build level 1 factories.
    Half of your provinces is exempted from the tax but growing new cities.

    That phase you should finish with one army in Riga area (Armee Group C) , Kiev/Odessa (Armee Group B) , Caucasus (Armee Group A) ;-)
    and additional home army in Stockholm.

    End of phase one. You got 2 secure trade ports, and safe eastern border. With your back protected by Ural/Caucasus mountains you have place to grow.

    Phase 1.5:
    Caucasus operations.
    If Georgia or "that other small country" (Dagestan) attack you, use your army from Caucasus and forces from Crimea plus reinforcements from Moscow to conquer Georgia (University),
    and go south as far as you can without starting war with Ottomans.
    In my case I was stopped by Ottomans taking Persia.

    rebuild, convert, build roads and farms. And be watchful. Ottomans can decide you are their next target.
    But now you got strong economy and you got label large/aggressive type ;-)

    Phase two:

    Select your next enemy - check their alliances. Are they in active war? Do not attack coalition of your neighbors. It is not healthy.

    I have started with fooling Courland to attack me. I have removed all units from border garrison (Livonia) And backed them with full army from Riga.
    They attacked, but what was nice Poland also joined war, While at the same time they were busy in fierce war with Austria.

    ! Try to get alliance with Austria. Why not. It is handy in the future.

    When somebody declared war on you use decapitation technique - your Rakes are experienced assassins , right?
    Kill enemy generals. It is nothing personal, but I do not like their heavy cav. bodyguard.

    After very fierce battle, my brave army defeated larger Courland army (8 Line infantry and 2 cav and another half stack of militia and militia cav.) against my general, pikemen, militia and 6 line plus 2 * 12lb.
    some regiments left with 13 men standing! Courland is conquered. Stop, rebuild barracks ,exempt from taxes, rebuild army.

    At the same time eastern Poland lays open before disciplined Swedish infantry.
    From Kiev I am attacking to the west while small detachment (cav + line+militia + 12lb) is attacking to the north-west.

    Warsaw is already taken by Prussia, and after 3 years Poland moved south-west : south of mountains range (Hungary and ... Vienna) That is fine for me.

    Consolidate, upgrade fields ..., convert to protestantism.

    Poland has 3 provinces. Prussia has ... 7-6 , Denmark has 3 (counting Iceland)

    Phase 3:

    Time for Denmark.

    Buildup your army in Stockholm. move them to border near Copenhagen. Ignore Norway.

    Transfer army from Courland close to Denmark coast using smaller ships only.
    your 5th rate and frigates have to block fleet in the port so land bridge from Sweden can be crossed.

    Attack with experienced Courland Army Copenhagen. Profit! You got Classical university. And it is protestant already :-)
    do not forget to kill foreign gentleman or three using Rakes.
    Leave battered units and some backup to police city, send what you can to Norway.
    With "one and half" army against Norway garrison it should be easy.

    Great! Vikings would be proud of you.

    Consolidate, upgrade farms, set university to work.

    Phase 4:
    Prussia - In my case I have started this little earlier because communication from north to southern (as in Vienna) Poland
    was complicated because of Warsaw taken by Prussia.
    Four pronged attack (Copenhagen, Lvow, Courland, Vilnius) with small naval landing close to Danzig
    Solved Prussian problem very quickly.

    Rebuild, consolidate, use universities in Cracow AND Berlin. Finish Poland.
    It is year 1751.
    Hail!, Great Northern King!

    Your country stretches from Scandinavia through Berlin, Prague ,Viena to Adriatic
    To the East there is no end for your domain. Your borders are stable,
    Your opponents (Danes from Iceland) are puny.

    But.... in the shadows Maratha are lurking.

    Now I am starting to send armies to Canada and Iceland.
    Military Alliance with Dutch, GB, Austria (in northern Italy) and with Ottomans are very handy.
    There is one other alliance in Europe - Spain, France, Westphalia, Savoy(in Tunesia)

    What I should do different.

    Do Not Forget About Maratha. See GB campaign tutorial. Attack them while they are still fighting with Mughal Empire.
    (even one full stack + cash) can cause enough problems for them.
    I have repelled two invading armies (Iceland and Arkhangelsk)

    This is phase when building battle fleet can be profitable. 2nd rate ships of the line, carronade frigates, bomb-ketches
    And now Sweden can protect their trade ships.

    Next phases - conquer what is not French,Spanish in America (natives, pirates, dutch rebels)

    I will go one of two routes it depends on THEIR actions:
    - attack Maratha in India (obtain passage from Ottomans from Georgia, by sea get Ceylon from dutch rebels then conquer Mysore)
    - finish French and Spain in Europe, THEN attack America and India.

    It is the age of: 24lb howitzers , superior line infantry (only French have them too) and heavy cav. (60 men strong)

    Please accept my apology if it looks like AAR. I wanted to share alternative way for Sweden.
    No pushing back and forth in HRE, no Spanish, French intervention.
    And no Russian bayonet on your back for whole time.

    Drummer Boy


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