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Thread: EB 1.2 Installation Help

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    Default EB 1.2 Installation Help

    I have installed both 1.1 and 1.2, yet it still reads as 1.1 in the bottom left corner. How do I fix this?

    It was a game installed over Steam and makes use of the dash mod command. It was a clean install off of rtw 1.5 and I downloaded the EB mods from filefront. I have also tried the validation check which was of no help.

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    Default Re: EB 1.2 Installation Help

    Hello TPear and welcome to the forum!

    See the FAQ for your first questions about EB.

    In your case, you probably installed the 1.2 patch in the wrong directory.
    The patch must be installed in the exact same path as 1.0, not inside the EB directory.

    If your shortcut does not work with 1.2 see this
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Sorry about that. A product of lacking experience with creating installers, I made a mistake when creating the shortcuts that start EB 1.2.

    * Use the Trivial Script to start EB instead of the start menu shortcut. You need to have installed this as part of EB 1.1.
    * Modify the shortcut target. Move the end quote from the end of the line to directly after RomeTW.exe and it should work (goes for both the new shortcuts in 1.2). For instance, instead of "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe -mod:eb -show_err -ne" it should be "C:\My games\RomeEB\RomeTW.exe" -mod:eb -show_err -ne.

    If there are further problems you can not solve, feel free to ask.


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