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    Middle Ages: War & Conquest

    The Middle Ages, contrary to the opinion of Monty Python, were not a nice time to be alive. The portion that spanned from the 11th to 13th centuries, was especially violent, and saw some of history's bloodiest conflicts before the modern era.

    The Holy Roman Empire during this time was shaken by numerous rebellions and attempts by "anti-kings" to displace the current emperor. The Great Saxon Revolt, led by Rudolf von Rheinfelden, very nearly achieved that end. Had he not been mortally wounded on the eve of victory at the Battle of Elster, he would been close to defeating Henry IV.

    The Capetian Dynasty of France were struggling to have their rule recognised by the whole of the land. In many parts the king's authority was openly flouted, and more than a few Counts and Dukes were effectively independent rulers.

    England, meanwhile, was in a transition phase after being conquered by the Normans in 1066. During the reigns of Henry II and Richard I she climbed to the dizzying heights of an empire for the first time, and imposed overlordship over the whole of the British Isles.

    This was also the era of the Crusades. The preaching of Urban II launched the famous First Crusade, which came within a knife's edge of failure. Though their sheer determination, perseverance, and rock-hard faith, they managed to do the impossible and capture Jerusalem in 1099.

    The Byzantium Empire had suffered its worst and most devastating defeat in it's entire history, from which she never really recovered. The defeat at Manzikert in 1071 deprived her of almost the entirety of Asia Minor and was one of the primary causes of the Crusades.

    Welcome to Middle Ages: War & Conquest!

    Middle Ages: War & Conquest is a modification for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms. It covers a timespan from 1077 to 1204 - beginning with the Great Saxon Revolt and finishing with the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade.

    Middle Ages: War & Conquest will have its emphasis on Europe and the wars which were fought during the 11th and 12th centuries. North Africa and the Middle East will represented too, with 5 Islamic, and 3 Orthodox factions.

    This mod will enable you to:

    - Fight on both sides of the civil war of the Holy Roman Empire. Choose the Imperialists and lead Henry IV to crush the uprising and secure his throne from both the Dukes and the Pope. Choose the Ant-Imperialists and lead Rudolf von Rheinfelden as he fights against the odds to bring Henry down.

    - Take control of the fledgling Capetian Dynasty of France, and try to bring the Counties of Blois and Toulouse and the Duchy of Aquitaine to heel. Or lead one of the minor nobles and attempt to become king.

    - Lead the English in their attempt to impose overlordship over the whole British Isles. Or take command of the Scottish and Irish as they struggle to maintain their indepence.

    - Restore the glory of Byzantium as you battle against the Seljuk Turks and attempt to undo the damage of Manzikert.

    - Struggle for control of the Mediterranean with the Republics of Pisa and Venice.

    And much more!

    For the first release, I intend to work on the existing MTWII map, working with the provinces that are already included. Once things get going, I will of course be looking for a mapper to make a much bigger map with more provinces.

    Faction List:

    A. Catholic
    1. Kingdom of England
    2. Kingdom of Scotland
    3. Kingdom of France
    4. Duchy of Aquitaine
    5. County of Blois
    6. County of Toulouse
    7. Holy Roman Empire
    8. Serene Republic of Venice
    9. Kingdom of Hungary
    10. Kingdom of Denmark
    11. Kingdom of Norway
    12. Kingdom of Leon-Castile
    13. Kingdom of Poland
    14. Republic of Pisa
    15. Papal States
    16. Kingdom of Aragon
    17. Duchy of Apulia
    18. Duchy of Bohemia
    19. Anti-Imperialists
    20. High Kingdom of Ireland
    B. Orthodox
    1. Principality of Novgorod
    2. Principality of Kiev
    3. Byzantine Empire
    4. Kingdom of Armenia
    5. Kingdom of Georgia
    C. Sunni
    1. Seljuk Sultanate
    2. Moors
    3. Zirid Emirate
    4. Cumans
    D. Shia’
    1. Fatimid Caliphate

    We are in need of a skinners, coders, 2D artists, and modellers. A mapper also would be nice, although not necessary yet.

    So if you are interested, please sign up here! Official forums will be set up shortly.

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    Default Re: Middle Ages: War & Conquest

    Hail, friend! I am also creating a middle ages mod (although yours is a bit later then mine) and I was wondering if you have faction unit rosters yet? I'm kind of unsure about the Frankish faction list so if you do have the germans done, could you P.M. it to me? Thanks in advance mate (and don't worry, I will not steal any of your work.)


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