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Thread: Ethnicities of peoples in different regions

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    i agree in general with what you are saying but you are surely wrong about the galatians.

    They were an aggressive tribe who moved on mass into Asia minor (~30,000 initially with subsequent celtic immigration to supplement that number).
    There is no record of population expulsions however, and ancients were more then willing to mix with whoever was around. Even if they didn't have to it would happen. They didn't remove the original population, they replaced the rulling structure, and joined the natives, and where very agressive about increasing the size of their kingdom.

    In theory they might have expelled all the natives (for lack of a better word) and theoretically they might have then stuck to the tribe, and theoretically if the great mortality of the ancient world didn't kill too many women it might have been possible for them to increase in numbers that way, I highly doubt that, this was a long time before the creation of racialist theories and the Greco-Persian locals would have had a lot to offer the incoming Celts.

    Given that they maintained their own language and culture for centuries, it would suggest that they stuck together,
    Other languages were kept through interbreeding, just ask anyone in Wales, it doesn't mean they stuck to themselves. Culture was very important to the ancients, blood however was not.

    furthermore with such large numbers of their own people there would have been no pressure to interbreed with the local population, and i imagine initially at least it was fairly rare. a such i think they would have been a visibly distinct group for much more than 50 years! think centuries
    Interbreeding didn't happen because it was neccessary to avoid inbreeding, it happened whenever it was possible, virtually all of Caesar's Legionaries got Gallic wives for themselves, and there certainly was no need for that.

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    i actually suspect that alot of the turkish population as more celtic and greek ancestors that they would like to admit the fact that the pehnotype is no longer present doesn´t change their ancestors

    and horatius trust me keeping young men since they are 17 until they are 42 without sex is a bad politic so there was no need for it, is a bit exarcebated socialogically speaking you don´t want your soldiers going crazy and start rapping your new subject daughters without taking responsability after so those marriages allowed for a cohesive and loyal army and a happyer general population

    on the phenotype discussion i´m by no means an expert but the enviroment makes changes faster then one could expect and with a litle bit of mixing the acceleration of human change to better suit the enviroment and thus have a comptitive edge can surprise most

    my example is portugal in the 15th century my home region was almost deserted of population so the nobles imported slaves from africa (in the 16th century) , in less then 150 years there where no more blacks

    ofc there was alot of mixing and the slaves from africa included alot of arabs but except for the trained eye who spots the bigger lips and the darker tone of a percentage of the population nobady is considered black so 100 to 200 years = 8 maybe 9 generations to adapt

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