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Thread: New Entries for the Dread league

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    As you all know now that the Dread league will continue.New Players that wish to enter this league as replacements for this season or just to register for next season must now send me there e-mails regarding there user name and home maps.If you do not know the rules of the league go to the dreadmaster site and you will see them there.I will get back to you as soon as possible with a answer.

    YOURS DreadIce

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    I guess that if we're already in the league, we don't have to re-register for next season?

    Cheers for keeping this going - much appreciation from Kyodaihood.


    All Honour to the Brothers!

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    All players that are in the leagues now,dont have to re-register for next season.If a player that is playin now and doesnt want to play next season then they must say so on the league forums so we can look at possible replacements.I would like to say a big thank you from all at the dreadmaster clan for everybodys support.


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    I should read posts in the right order. I feel a little better but damn....Boro....

    I guess just as the book tells he has a short life here too.

    Dreads, if ya need help ask....

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    hey ice r u still going 2 be playing in the league m8 or is someone taking your place
    also what happens if u dont play all your games r u thrown out of league.

    Honour can not be taught you are born with it.

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    Honour can not be taught you are born with it.

    Honour To clan No Fear Itos

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    I will continue to play in the league as it's a good experience to play against so many good players and it also brings the community together.I have now set a deadline day for all the fixtures to be finished on which is now the 5th August 2001,if for some reason all the fixtures that haven't been completed we will be holding a room for all the players to come to to finish there remaining games so that we can finish the season.



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