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Thread: Well done + Critique

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    Default Well done + Critique

    Good mod. I now consider M2TW to be playable.

    I appreciate this mod and could not imagine playing without its AI improvements and pacing tweaks.

    BAI critique: the enemy moves ranged units forward to skirmish with me, but often does not respond--or responds too slowly--when my calvary cuts the skirmishers down in front of the rest of the army. One notable example is the AI's treatment of siege equipment: the computer advances its pieces to take on my walls, and I sally with calvary--unless the calvary make contact with the rest of the army, the computer watches its artillery perish. Sometimes AI opponents react appropriately and counter-rush me with calvary and spears, but usually this does not occur.

    That's the only questionable behavior I recall. Excellent mod in all respects; convinced me to give this game another go.

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    Default Additional praise and critique

    The grand strategy side of M2TW seems to have recieved the most love. The campaign map AI (CAI?) is superb. It doesn't let me get away with anything and launches devastating land and sea invasions with balanced armies.

    It's great for the most part. I have noticed that an interloping neutral army--maybe the remant of a crusade--often comes to squat on my land, meandering around the coast as if waiting for a lift that never comes. The AOE of the hapless foreigners can block my movement, but otherwise they do no harm. The lack of military access perhaps strands them. Or maybe they prefer the shores of Genoa to their sinister paymaster back home. I only wish I could charge them rent.


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