Incursio Brittaniae
A Rome:Total War Mod

Incursio Britanniae Takes place on the British Isles,
75bc - 125AD, and will cover all Roman campaigns in Britain... from the 1st invasion of Julius Ceaser in 55bc, to the attempted assault on scotland, by The Governor of Britain at the time, Agricola...
In this campaign you can play as the Roman legions, invading from northern gaul, one of the many tribes of England, Wales & Ireland. The Caledonian Confederacy and Caerenii will also be playable, as you fight for control of scotland.

Current Factions

- The Belgae
- The Brigantes
- The Caerenii
- The Caledonian Confederacy
- The Catuvellauni
- The Dumnonii
- The Ivernii
- The Novantae
- The Ordovices
- The Romans
- The Silures
- The Votadini

The Irish tribes will be added when i've reaserched the tribes of Ireland

I will be looking for a team very shortly... I expect I will need -

- A skinner\modeler\someone to create unit descriptions
- A historian\reasercher
- Possibly a writer

Campaign map progress -
Will be uploaded soon

Release date - TBD