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Thread: Bugs/Suggestions Thread(HOTFIX Available)

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    Default Bugs/Suggestions Thread(HOTFIX Available)

    Thread for bugs to be discussed.

    -One big problem has been found on the other forum, it may be true that not all model files exported correctly, so you will see model .cas errors appearing. I am terribly sorry about this, I have tested the mod myself and no errors occured when starting a custom battle. This evening I will check this problem, am at work now..

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    -ERROR: Unit .cas files cant be found ("HOTFIX" will fix this)

    -No Description for Ashigaru with bow (next Version)

    -Removing blood from unit cards (Matter of taste, needs more input)

    -Teppo Rifles sounds as bow (problem is known to us, we have not changed this yet, because the rifle thing has hardcoded issues, its for after the beta)

    -Changing directories in the .exe file (change it accordingly to the setup of your computer, everyones OS and folders are different :) )

    -Be sure to have the latest patch of your game version installed!

    -Custom Battles have been shown to work

    -River at Kawanakajima HB is crossable

    HOTFIX Install instructions:

    Put both files in the SHOGUN_NEW/data folder, and overwrite any older files if your computer asks.

    -Please be sure to rename your modfolder BACK to SHOGUN_NEW (this is for the people who renamed their mod names to SHOGUN, this worked for the units maybe, but all buildings are still named to SHOGUN_NEW, so After this hotfix please rename your folder back to SHOGUN_NEW and everyyhing concerning missing file should be fine.)
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    I can´t start the mod because I use Steam.

    After start the exe I get the errormessage "Application Error - Failed to find Steam"
    Rome without the mod has no problem.
    I put the path to the rome directory in the exe but everytime this error :(

    Please help!
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    Hello Joker69,

    I'm afraid I do not use steam myself, but on the TWC forum we have a Steam Thread about your question, I don't know if you have a TWC account. but you may want to ask the question there for people to help?

    We DO have reports of people who have Ran No Jidai working with steam, I kindly redirect you to this thread:

    EDIT: I have asked you question there, please check regurarly for the answer
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    Default Re: Bugs/Suggestions Thread(HOTFIX Available)

    ok thx :-)

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    nach einigem Rumexperimentieren und der Suche im Netz hat es doch geklappt. So wie es auf deiner verlinkten Seite auch beschrieben ist funktioniert es einwandfrei. Einfach den Zusatz der EXE-Verknüpfung in die Startoptionen bei Steam eingeben und es läuft :) Das scheint aber generell ein Problem mit Steam zu sein. Naja, hauptsache man weiß wie man es lösen kann :) Vielen Dank nochmal!

    Kannst Du vielleicht schon sagen wann die Vollversion mit Kampagnenkarte fertig ist? :)

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    Default Re: Bugs/Suggestions Thread(HOTFIX Available)

    Not sure why you thought I spoke German, I'm Dutch, but please keep it English in this forum.

    Glad it worked mate, and no I have no estimated release date for a version with Campaign etc, the beta release just a week ago.
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    Oh sorry!

    the problem is fixed like in this forum

    1) Right click Rome Total War in your games list
    2) Click "Properties"
    3) Click the box called "Set Launch Options..."
    4) Paste this line "-mod:SHOGUN_NEW -enable_editor -show_err" without quotes.
    5) Click OK to everything
    6) Double clik on Rome Total War in your games list and select run Barbarian Invasion

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    Default Re: Bugs/Suggestions Thread(HOTFIX Available)

    Good news


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