There have been two Dragonlance projects in the works for 3 years now, and we've finally come to our senses and started working together.

The first planned release, we're hoping by October 2010, will be a provincial campaign called The Kinslayer Wars, which will feature the Elven civil war that created the nation of Qualinesti. Included in this campaign will be Qualinesti, Silvanesti, Thorbardin, Tarsis, the Empire of Ergoth, and the Plains of Dust tribes.

Soon after, we hope to release the Rise of Takhisis campaign, spanning the Age of Despair, from the Cataclysm to the Chaos War.

Finally, Dragonlance: Total War Age of Mortals will follow, picking up at the end of the War of Souls trilogy.

That's the plan as of now. You can follow progress on the Kinslayer Wars campaign at the link below.

I will attempt to mirror new info here.