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Thread: NTW Bug List

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    Here is another bug:

    1. Hill slope.
    2. It is close to the border of the map, but wide enough to allow many men at once.
    3. Cavalry gets there and gets stuck.
    4. They crowd the place as if they were trying to enter a building (?).
    5. Every minute, one cavalry men gets on top of the hill.
    6. Unable to order them out of this mess.

    See related pic.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now here's a funny one.

    It's not really a bug; I'd say it's more of an issue deriving from game design.

    1. Enemy defends position with wooden chevaux de frise (i.e. the anti-cavalry wooden barriers).
    2. Artillery sweeps the field and I get a win. No casualties on my side.
    3. I continue the battle just to allow my cavalry to earn experience.


    4. The enemy has long abandoned the chevaux de frise.
    5. I serendipitously order my cavalry to line closer to the fleeing enemy.
    6. Cavalry is not galloping. Just marching at the slowest pace.
    7. Even though a straight line to the destination does not cross the chevaux, my cavalry decides to go through them.
    8. For some reason (possibly because they were not charging), I do not modify the path: what can a wooden barrier do to slow moving cavalry?
    9. Cavalry attempts to cross the chevaux. All die insta-death. :(

    Now, I understand game mechanics... but, seriously, insta-death for just touching a fence? Wtf? It's not that, you know, your horses touches a stick and dies immediately.

    Rule should be:
    - Cavalry with normal movement cannot pass the obstacle;
    - Charging cavalry insta-dies.

    Anyway, I am sharing this one just for fun. The line you see at the centre of the pic is a series of dead horses fallen on spiky wooden logs. I called this "The BBQ". Enjoy ;)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A series of bug

    1. Horse artillery stuck again

    Ha-ha! These guys always have a problem. Actually, I am loving these bugs because they really make you feel how it feels like to deploy horse artillery.
    "Yes, Sir... they are very fast... er... when they do not get stuck in mud, brick walls, obstacles, and the like... very effective, sir... in the open field"

    So, basically, this time artillery is unlimbered, but it does not fire. Why? It thinks it's still moving even if cannons are correctly unlimbered. Notice the walking speed button: it is not greyed out.

    Secret is to click on halt and then everything resets as normal.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Enemy unit stuck on the hill

    >It cannot be attacked (the pointer shows an 'x')
    >It cannot move

    I tried to make a unit walk or charge through them. They defended themselves and sliced my guys and made them route. I mean, seriously: they cut to pieces my veteran unit.

    Eventually, I wiped them out by targeting the ground behind them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2015-07-03_00005.jpg 
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    3. Horse Artillery: Bug again (x2)

    Yes. This is a double bug.

    One artillery got stuck and refused to move. The other, subject to the above bug, stopped firing at all.

    Click image for larger version. 

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