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Thread: All Quiet on the Eastern Front - Russian Point of View

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    Default All Quiet on the Eastern Front - Russian Point of View

    VH/VH -

    It is all quiet on the eastern front - The year is 1811, and its all going well, apart from a strange silence across the nation. I have developed most techs, and in about 20 turns will have completed the tech tree. I have yet been pulled into any major campaigns apart from a quick 3 month skimish to rid the Ottoman Empire from mainland Europe (Istanbal, Greece, etc) I found the Ottoman's to disvolve pretty easily, as launched 2 stacks to take Bucharest and the other Istanbal.

    Early builds, where farms and roads and barrack builds within the 3 cities around Kiev. I declined to accept the mission to attack Finland, as the purse was only a $1K and not worth losing the trade lanes over or the army investment.

    Across Europe - France as moved westward, and just defeated Prussia, with my supporting army arriving to late to help them :( Austria looks the next to fall, with 3 provinces left, but has a trade agreement with France. I have now entered a campaign against France in the former Prussia Captial and with 3 army stacks and a strong supply chain will wait until winter to attack as the French Army will suffer heavy losses through region if they try to manouver.

    Istanbal is underseige from a full French Army which landed by sea, but mainly made up of Milta units? My Garrison of Elite front line troops of Heavy Dragoons and lvl2 muskteers and Jagers should defeat them.

    I have had my spy's working every turn within the French front line provinces to assinate Generals and sabotage mines, supply depots and commercial centres, I hope to drain their income and limit the replensihment of troops to the front line.

    Enconomicly, I have $300K + in the treasury and all cities close to full development. Currently earning 20K per turn. I have just started on building a Navy in the Black Sea to counter further seas landings by the French. In Moscow, I have built the Kremlin and the other major capital build, which are very much worth the investment in my opinion.


    My strategy from here on, is to launch my major attack from the North following the coast to Denmark and then swing down through central Europe towards Italy. In the South, Austria offer a buffer, so I will be defending the southern part of Europe with 3 stacks. I am looking to encircle a large proporation of French held territory in central Europe, then drive my central 4 stack Armies through these provinces and head to Paris.

    However I am cautious of the British as they have a Fleet with a Amry on board sitting in the black Sea for quite a few turns, which has caused me to consider building a Milta based army to track its movements. As I have already built 5 x 84 Gun, Ship of the Line I will add a further 2 to this fleet.

    The next 20 turns will be interesting as I get pulled into war with France, and my distrust of Austria and the British as I think they may seek and opportunity to attack me.

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    Nice post frognastie.

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    welcome to the org frognastie, enjoy your stay.

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