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Thread: Campaigns of the Coalition: Great Britain

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    Default Campaigns of the Coalition: Great Britain

    This is the British Campaign of Napoleon Total War


    I will add some starting details to get things started.


    Starting Scenario:

    Turns: 168 Early January 1805 to Late December 1812

    Faction: Great Britain

    Allied Factions: Austria, Russia, Sweden, Sicily, Naples

    Neutral Factions: Prussia, Ottomans, Denmark, Hessen, Sardinia, Mecklenburg, Olddenburg, Papal States, Portugal, Saxony

    Enemy Factions: France, Bavaria, Spain, Batavia, Swiss Confederation, Baden-Württemberg, Italy

    Trade Partners: Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ottomans

    Starting Treasury: 7000

    Starting Income: 1909

    Regions at Start: (5) England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Gibraltar

    Starting Forces: Army;
    Garrisons;Gibraltar-1 Inf, Dublin- 1 Mil Edinburgh- Moore, 1 H Inf, 1 Arty, Cardiff- 1 Inf, 1 Lt Inf, London-Stowell, 1 Cav, 1 Arty, 2 Inf.

    Field Armies; (England)Wellesley, 2 Cav, 2 Arty, 3 Inf, KGL Inf.

    Fleets: (off North Spain) Nelson w/122 1st Rate, 1 106 1st Rate, 2 98 2nd Rates, 1 80 3rd Rate, 1 74 3rd Rate, (Channel Fleet) Cornwallis w/50 4th Rate, 1 32 5th Rate, (North Sea) Elphinstone w/64 3rd Rate, 1 32 5th Rate.

    Trade Fleets; (North Trade Node) 2 Merchantmen, (West Trade Node-1) 1 Indiaman, 1 Merchantman, (West Trade Node-2) 1 Indiaman, 1 Merchantman.

    Agents: 1 Spy, 1 Gentleman

    Objective Regions: England, Spain, Denmark, Hannover, Provence, Bretagne, Balearic Islands

    Victory Conditions: Capture 20 Regions including the Objective Regions

    Abbreviations: Cav= cavalry, Arty= Artillery, Inf= Line Infantry, Lt Inf= Light Infantry, Mil= Militia, H Inf= Highland Infantry ,KGL=Kings German Legion , Med= Mediterranean
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    Default Re: Campaigns of the Coalition: Great Britain

    Okay I have a few options available to help you get started. I played on Easy and Normal for Campaign and Battles on Hard. First off i am a picky starting player and I think a lot has not been said for the diplomacy and interactions you can achieve if you want.

    First Note: Britain Starts with 2 techs/Austria 2/Prussia 2/France 2
    Second: Depending on how you like to play i will give you some options to choose from:

    Easy Going = Lets say you want to play neutral like Prussia..on easy/normal Campaign all you have to do is give up Gibraltar Diplomacy: Select Techs Your 2 and Frances 2, Peace and Alliance selected, Regions: Gibraltar <--- give, and then ask for 3K in payments to you:

    Your Demands : Frances 2 Techs, 3K Payment, Peace, Trade/Alliance Agreements
    Your Offers: Peace/Trade/Alliance and Gibraltar and your 2 Techs.

    Now Spain and a few minor factions still hate you but that is fixable with some $$ and peace treaties.

    So now you have 10K, 4 Techs, A little room between you and lets make more $$$$

    (i always try to get all the starting techs) Austria has 2 that you need and so does Prussia (1 tech) so trade techs for techs: trade your 3 or 4 for Austira 1 or 2 and same with Prussia (Prussia is a tough customer) if not there is a secret way of getting what you want tech
    wise: HERE is the best kept secret: Ok once a country says is what you do increase your payment offer until they give you a counter: then you counter with payment, but not a full payment use the payment turn option: Lets say they are like 3600 for one tech, so you counter with: 1230 over 3 turns, 90% of the time I MEAN 90% of the time they will not only SELL YOU THE TECH for CHEAP CHEAP but you get a HELL of a DEAL. Lets say they originally offered it for 3600 now they will sell it for 1500 or something like that, I even had one time they sold me a tech for $560!!!! So THIS is a trick that works.

    Now in the later Techs prices go way up: 4-6K a Tech so be careful with the payments over turn option.

    Now that you have 6 Techs: and still have 10K from our land deal, lets make some more $$: Trade 2 Techs to Russia (on Easy) for 2K, then turn around trade same 2 techs to Ottoman Empire for 1K if they are the Military techs: Like Fire/Advance and the diamond etc. these must be sold in 3's to Minor Factions for $500 a country. Now major Factions will buy techs for 1K or 2K, just be sure to keep the prices the same all away around the table. Ottoman Empire is the only exception, they will not pay full price for any tech.

    Spain/Ottoman/Minor Factions will NEVER pay full price for TECHS so you have to make deals for them to buy, NOW a good way to make $$ on minor factions is sell them 5 techs for 1K works on 60% of the factions, if not use the 3 techs (military ones) for $500 a minor faction.

    Okay now back to our first turn: I ALWAYS Upgrade roads first, then I Buy Barracks for Scotland and the Magistrate Upgrade, then in Ireland I recruit another Militia and Upgrade the Government building.

    Okay in England I update: 1 building (your choice) and upgrade your university for 3k and if you have $$ left over buy some trade ships

    Now Trade Routes to get: Prussia and Austria make you the MOST $$, only problem is Austria is far away and in Hostile waters but CPU usually does not raid them.

    Military Moves 1st Turn: I move Wales all units to dock in England, with all of England Units but 1, I disband Scotland Artillery, I combine the 2 Navy units the 2 and 2 ones into one fleet and send them to the dock with all the units (Trade Port) the one facing towards France, closes to Wales, I also send the spy to that same dock.

    Recruit: 1 Militia in Ireland/2 England/1 Scotland

    Ministers: Well try to get the best obviously for Navy/Treasury/Justice: I keep taxes were they are

    Research: Should be Either Diamond or one other Military techs you have not gotten via diplomacy

    Okay that is a good start: now Turn 2 is all about getting your attack ready for The Netherlands, Load Spy/Military Units onto boats, and send them to the shore without selecting them to unload because you will have to declare war and that would end Frances/Trade with you. So before the invasion, diplomacy ask them to end their alliances with France, pay some $$$, then land troops attack, and you should be able to attack and win with no problems. I always Occupy it because it has 1 extra school and makes good $$$$.

    Note: Prior to attacking Holland/ Use your Spy to Assassinate their General 7/10 times this works and will make your victory fast, so land the spy first then your armies.

    Okay hope this helps: and I will be back to post more.


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